Superstitious or Nah?

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

October is the month of the eery and the dead. What better way to represent that than with some old superstitions. You might not be superstitious, which is totally cool, but when a black cat crosses your path and you break your ankle the next day or whatever don’t come crying to me.
I’m definitely not the MOST superstitious person out there but I have my fair share of unlucky circumstances I feel like I can avoid. I feel like with superstitious, its all psychological but at the same time you can’t help it. If someone tells you a horseshoe is lucky when it’s facing upward, you’re going to think about that the next time you see a horse shoe. It is uninvited and indirectly planted into your head.

Here are the things I am superstitious about, and after reading them, you might be too.

1. Walking under a ladder
Childish I know, and how often are people really around ladders? Let’s be real. As for me though, I am around ladders every day at work, and sometimes I need to go under a ladder to get back out on the floor. I don’t go under ladders anymore, because every time I did that I lost my sale, or I lost my footing and tripped. It was like clockwork, it never failed. This superstition goes back to Shakespearian times where the ladder symbolizes “the gallows,” basically a place where people are hung, so that’s great.  The dead body could fall on you if you walked under the ladder and now you’re basically screwed on your good luck charms.

2. Crows
Crows can be good but they can also be bad, it honestly depends on how many of them you see. Personally, when I see a crow I just think disease and bacteria but there is a symbolic message to be said with crows.  Seeing just one crow means bad luck, seeing two means good luck, three means good health, four means wealth (BO$$), five means sickness (EBOLA), and six is DEATH. So that’s comforting…. No experiences stand out at me with crows, I think I just hate them, and I want them to be bad luck so I really do avoid them.

3. Fingers Crossed
This only works if you want to use it for good luck not if you’re telling a lie like Lindsey Lohan in The Parent Trap. This was used (way back in Jesus time) as a sign of peace for believers to identify other believers.  But when I say “My fingers are crossed for you,” I literally cross my fingers for you otherwise it doesn’t work… that’s the whole point of the superstition.

4. Opening an umbrella inside
This is just a recipe for disaster. You’re going to open your umbrella and as you’re opening it or closing it you are bound to hit something. It’s practically in the umbrella instruction set. “DO NOT OPEN INDOORS FOR YOU WILL POKE AN EYE OUT.” I remember as a kid, playing dress-up I would always knock off something or hit someone. I learned my lesson very young. Plus, this also means bad luck will “rain on you” if you open it up indoors, so stray away from that.

5. Find a penny pick it up, all day long you’ll have good luck
This only applies when it is FACE UP. If it is not face up, make someone else’s day and flip that over! That penny isn’t going to disturb you but maybe the next person to come along will have a little more faith in the world because of MR. Lincoln starring back at them from the concrete.  Finding money is considered lucky in general. But this saying has been transferred down from pin to penny because the saying you used to go "See a pin, pick it up, and all day long you'll have good luck or See a pin, let it lay, and your luck will pass away."

6. Breaking a Mirror

This is like the mega superstition, because I you break a mirror you’re doomed for 7 years. That’s a long time to deal with bad luck. This concept came from the Romans and they understood that a mirror had the power to confiscate someone’s soul, like you’re soul would be trapped inside this broken mirror…. For 7 years, sounds pretty rough.

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