10 Things I'll Never Do Again

Sunday, October 12, 2014

There are tons of things on the internet about things people should be doing, changing, or whatever to make their life better. How about a list of things no one really needs to do...once, or ever again. People say don;t knock it until you try it, well here's a list of the items I've officially "knocked."

MY list of things I will never do again.

1. Purchase a meal plan... id rather starve or beg for food before going through that crap again. Was that even lasagna? I'll stick to pizza please.

2.Buy a Juicy Couture track suit.... you know those like velvet, bell bottom, sweat pant sets. As much as i'd love to sport the 90's, i'll leave it in the past. Do those even flatter anyone?

3. Do 2 all-nighters in a row... its crazy what a college course can do to a student.

4. Not wear SPF 50 when I go to the beach and not reapply every hour. If you want to see a human sized lobster or walking skin cancer just take away my sunscreen and let me walk along the beach.

5. Ignore that gut feeling that "something aint right." Obviously our body is reacting to a situation, you should listen to it. instinct knows best. I learned this lesson at Disneyland when I was like 12 and almost got thrown off the Indiana Jones' ride. Not a good time.

6. A Belly flop. Literally, the most idiotic form of entertainment ever. I don;t condone it and I think its stupid.

7. Fry bacon. If i want bacon someone else is making it. I cant handle the little pops and fizzles especially when it attacks my skin! The way to my heart... fry my bacon.

8. Ride a mechanical bull. That's just not my calling. The idea of being flingged off a creature thats not even real just doesn't appeal to me. Especially if I only have control with one hand. Did this at a state fair one time, felt like i was going to DIE.

9. Stick my finger through the straw hole in a plastic lid. What goes in must come out. *cringe*

10. Eat a hamburger from McDonalds. Or any fast food place that's not In-N-Out. That doesn't sound appealing to me. $1 burger? Is that even meat?!

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