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Monday, October 13, 2014

1. Don't want to over or under step your boundary when someone is paying for your meal? Ask them for their recommendation. You don't actually have to get it because if they're like "Oh, yeah, the steak is great," and your a vegetarian that would be more awkward, but it gives you and idea of how to judge the price of your plate.

2. Using Wikipedia even though your professors told you not too and still confused? Click "Simple English" on the left side under "Languages" and that article is now simplified. Research Skills 2015

3. Directly from the mosquito capital itself. When you get bit by a mosquito, take a glue stick and rub it on your arm (the actual glue part.) Gramps said that's what he did as a kid and he never itched  again.

4. "25OFF" is the promo code for papa johns pizza when you order online, for lyfe. You're welcome.

5. REMEDY FOR THE HICCUPS. Y'all are not going to believe me but this is some black magic right here because it works every time. Obviously, no one can make this up so it has to work. You'll need a cup, a silver/metal butter knife, and water.  Drink the water from the cup while holding the butter knife in the cup, resting in the water and allow the knife to rest on your ear as you drink. Gone instantly because its so ridiculous.

6. Car sick? Tilt your head side to side (medium slow) and it should clear that conscious right up.

7.  This could be psychological but I'm pretty confident in saying that an iPad charger will charge your iphone quicker than an iphone charger.

8. Habits build after 21 days or times. If you need to memorize something read it 21 times, if you need to change something make that change for 21 days because your brain will eventually recall everything your telling it and make it a memory.

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