Tuesday, October 14, 2014

UNLV Homecoming this year has a theme called "Time Traveling," so were taking a glimpse at the decades of the past through different games, activities, and skits.
I was a participant on team Future with my amazing sisters of Sigma Sigma Sigma and the even more excellent gentlemen of  Tau Kappa Epsilon.

Some complications came up and made TKE ineligible to participate part of the way though but Tri Sigma pulled through with all of their support!

Future meaning we had to get creative and think outside of the box. I mean lets be real, how much more advanced than an iPhone and iPad can you get with out getting holograms involved? That's not a thing...

Monday we had a Window Decorating Contest, which I believe we took first in! I mean look at that artwork! (down below) The Unity Fest was later that night. The unity festival features three separate competitions for the teams to participate in and socialize with one another. This year we played red light green light and did Rebel House gingerbread house decorating!

Tuesday was some more competitions and they were more about your athletic ability. The committee had us do basically an iron man race type event, and let me tell you, I ran that barefoot and I could barely breathe after.... SO MUCH RUNNING! On the other hand I got our team third place for the girls and TKE picked up a silver medal for the boys. TEAM FUTURE. We had some other events involving a bow and arrow and basketball. Overall we took 3rd place!

Wednesday is the variety show. Which is pretty much the greatest thing of life. All of the teams put together a skit revolving around their theme, which this time it was the different eras. I think they're supposed to incorporate school stuff with it but that doesn't always happen. The skits are hilarious. Ours is posted right here, the skit that one is posted at the bottom of the post. Unfortunately, TKE was no longer with us at this point, but that's okay because we made our skit work and used their support to our advantage!

 Thursday was the undie run. This is where people are running and strip off the clothes they are willing to donate to the committees charity.

Friday was the homecoming game against Fresno State Bulldogs and we won 27-24! There was a tailgate and our float paraded around the stadium.

We worked really hard, met some friendly new people, and had a blast the whole time through (no pun intended). Here are some photos of how the week went

Overall, I'm not sure what the placements were but I know we kicked butt at anything we could.

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