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Saturday, October 25, 2014

So I'm turning 21 soon and people keep asking me what I want to do for my 21st birthday and I always reply with "live and let loose amongst the elite" just because I'm sarcastic and don't really care. I got to thinking about it though, if I were to party with the top dogs in society who would I invite? Of course  I'm just going to invite them to the dinner portion because I wouldn't want these elitist to deem me as irresponsible or something (wink wink)

So here you have it, this is my "elite" guest list for my birthday dinner. These are the celebrities I would invite to sit around the table and share a meal with me.

1. Daren Kagasoff: just because he's so much fun to look at and he was my childhood crush so like I basically grew up with him, indirectly.

2.Miley Cyrus: I want a little crazy at the table. Ain't no one got time for a mellow kickback on a 21st.

3. Ellen Degeneres: I mean,literally, she has to be the best person to have a conversation with over dinner. I look up to her so much and she inspires me daily. Plus, I would love to see her on-the-spot interview some of the other attendees.

4. Wiz Khalifa: he's coming to the after party because I know he knows how to have a good time, but at dinner I think he'd just be another chill opinion to have. I kind of expect him to start free styling a "happy birthday" remix for me. Plus, I think him and Ellen would have a good time just sitting back and mindlessly commenting to one another about all the other guests.

5. Mark Cuban: What's a little dinner without money talk, aye? He's also the owner of the Dallas Mavericks so I mean that's a good plus too.

6. Olivia Pope: I know she's a fictional character but she would still be invited because if anything is going down between any of the other guests she's bound to know about it. #SCANDAL

7. Carrie Underwood: her husband can come too because he's mighty fine but she's just such a sweetheart. She has good morals and values which I'm not sure what that has to do with a birthday dinner but bring it on !

8. Jordy Nelson:  he plays for the NFL with the Green Bay Packers ! Go team go. I mean we have the same name so obviously were best friends .

9. Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass... Pretty much the entire cast of Gossip Girl. I can see it now SPOTTED living it up in the city of sin is Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass. Will they attend the coveted event of Jordan's 21st or will Blair and Chuck have yet another falling out and make some memorable mistakes that night? Stay tuned fans. XOXO Gossip Girl

10. Usher: Just because I fully expect him to sing every part of his conversation hes having . Usher doesn't talk he just produces notes as he goes.

11. Johnny Depp (preferably captain Jack Sparrow)- Because does he plan it all out or just make it up as he goes along? He is a brilliant human being with so many talents. Why would he be fun to bring to dinner? There's not just one reason. He's coming and everyone is going to have a good time. 

I just want a good group people for some interesting mixes of conversation. It can get heated a bit as long as we simmer down once the appetizer gets there.

Who would you want to see the most at your Celebrity dinner
Daren Kagasoff
Miley Cyrus
Ellen Degeneres
Wiz Khalifa
Mark Cuban
Olivia Pop
Carrie Underwood
Jordy Nelson
Gossip Girl Crew
Captain Jack Sparrow
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