7 Deadly Sins of Social Media

Saturday, November 1, 2014

Social media suicide. Pretty much, you're going to go to Hell if you perform any of the activities on this list. We come from a generation where your relationship could possibly be ruined by your snapchat best friends

1. Not Texting back

You did not text your significant other, best friend, mom, or dog back. Therefore in the 10 minutes, you were not in constant contact World War III broke out (were winning), the sun has risen in the west and Shape-ups became fashionable. People get so upset about a simple message. Could you imagine, living in the 70's and having to actually to sit down, dial a number (you had to memorize the number) and talk to someone? If they even answered! If they didn't answer, you went about your day just as well if they did answer. Cut some slack. Same thing goes for "You can tweet but not text me back? K." Yeah, they can do that. Until Apple comes out with an App that will not allow people to post anything on social media until they text back, people can tweet/post/Snapchat until the cows come home before they text you back. #SWERVE

2. State your controversial opinion on any Social Media

You've just opened the door for demons to come and attack. Everyone has to get the last word, and everyone has to tell you why your wrong or right and then argue more with the people participating in the conversation. Good thing Twitter only has a 140 character limit. If they're going to backfire at least, they have to be clever with it. Facebook though, you're on your own; throwing you to the wolves with that one.

3. Post back to back to back to back photos

Back to back photos are highly annoying because usually, it is all from the same event if they're back to back. One or two is doable; three is pushing it, four or more I JUST CANT! You're blowing up my feed when I'm trying to creep on all my friends! I get it though your excited, so if you do it now and then again you might be safe from Hell, if you do it on the daily, looks like you and Satan will be playing for the same team.

4. Linking up your Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook

If I like it on one social media, do I have to like it on another? Twitter is for words, Insta is for photos, and Facebook is just, so the family knows your still alive. There's a good chance I'm going to go from Twitter to Insta, to Facebook and I'll see your post on at least one of them. People can get over it, its a feature and obviously the app would remove the feature if it weren't convenient. Just scroll past it.

5. Participate in a Social Media Challenge

God forbid you to post a hashtag to win a contest. These contests are good breathers. Take a break from social media for the day, do something else besides creep on your friends. Maybe actually hang out with your friends (:O) These are usually for a good cause anyways. Are they annoying? Absolutely. Unfollow them for the day if you're so concerned about it. If they are the real homie, they'll let you refollow them when it's over.

6. If You don't send out the photos, you took for the night.

Lucky you, you had the most battery, so you had the honor of all the photo dibs, but you also gain the responsibility of making sure the people in those photos get them. If there's a particular one they want they will directly let you know, multiple times that they need it. Their social media (and yours depending on the situation) will not survive without that photo.

7. Your post is not up to par, so you take it down

You didn't get more than five favorites or 25 likes, so naturally, it was a dud... DELETE. Just leave it up there. Ain't nobody judging you on how active your followers are. They're following you, right?! That means they like at least a majority of yours. Hell will freeze over before you post a tweet that is not retweeted at least three times.

***People get sensitive when it comes to their social media because it is an identity. Just know that I wrote this for fun and had no particular interest on the matter because I'm going to post what I want to post whenever I want to post it, however many times I want to post it. Have a nice day!***

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