Beat The Black: Black Friday Madness

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

It's that time of year again! Halloween has come and gone, winter decided to show up, and turkeys appeared on the shelves of your local supermarket. That's right, Thanksgiving is right around the corner! But today I am not going to talk about what I am thankful for, that's another post for another time, today I am going to talk about "Black Friday," or, so it was. 

I am a couponer, so like anybody else I am always looking for the top deals, obviously my Christmas is Black Friday with all the sales going on. I love waking up in the middle of the night still stuffed with mashed potatoes and turkey to go to my selected store of the year and wait in line for my treasure, whether it be a TV or a simple set of towels. I earned this door buster. I rolled myself out of my warm bed, brought myself out into this cold world in the MIDDLE OF THE NIGHT, waited with strangers for hours, and endured numerous mental breakdowns in the process. This is my prize.

In the past years I have been an active participant in the Black Friday chaos, but I need to draw the line somewhere with these ever rising times.


I am literally so peeved that Thanksgiving is being taken over by this Black Friday nonsense. It's called Black FRIDAY, not Black Lets-Take-Over-Thanksgiving-Evening-With-Our-Red-Tag-Sale-Day. I'm sorry but marketing companies, you need to hold it together. I cannot believe Wal-mart and other major department stores have allowed for this tom-foolery of letting the shopping begin immediately after Thanksgiving has commenced.
COME ON! Let's take this apart piece by piece...

1. Marketing comapnies have been encroaching upon getting their sales to start as close to black friday/end of Thanksgiving as possible. In the years past, things started at 4:00 a.m. (fair game in my opinion, means you have to be there by midnight or so to get a decent spot in line)

2. Then things drifted towards midnight as the start time became a more prominent deal. This concept is still not as bad, just as soon as your done eating you have to leave to go shopping around 8:00. At least you got to enjoy your meal.

3. Recently, department stores had items going on sale around 8:00 p.m. Okay, this is where I pick up the pencil to draw the line... 8:00?!?!?!?! That means you have to be in line by 4:00, when did Thanksgiving dinner turn into Thanksgiving whenever?

4. Last year and now following into this year stores are opening their "door buster doors" at 6:00 p.m. Say goodbye to thankful time and hello to stampedes. I cannot believe it. Thanksgiving is now turning into a brunch aspect. Now you have to be in line around 2:00 p.m. in order to get anything good. You're whole day is taken over by what you want and not what you have. This is where the line is drawn, committed, engraved, and untouchable.

Call me traditional but I love Thanksgiving and what it stands for. We all get to take a couple moments out of our lives to just be with our families and/or loved ones and eat food! Why is that something people want to rush? You rush every other day of your life.... just stop for a moment.

"So what do we do, Jordan?"

I'm kind of an extremest on this issue but I'm a firm believer in values and I feel like we should boycott this years Black Friday sales or at least the stores that open before midnight, before Thanksgiving is officially over. I know you want that TV or that Keurig machine but go somewhere else that is selling it, pay a few dollars more and get it from a  company who respects the Thanksgiving tradition.  Teach those mass marketers with full wallets and no family that family is important to people and we will not be stopped by their wicked ways!

Are you with me?!?!?
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