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Sunday, November 2, 2014

As much as I appreciate you all reading my blog I feel like I haven't formally introduced myself to y'all. You may like my posts but maybe I want you to like me as well. We are kind of a package deal. So here's 15 things you should know about the person behind The Daily Cup of JOJO.

My name is Jordan Nelson, and I attend University of Nevada Las Vegas. I am a charter member of Sigma Sigma Sigma Theta Epsilon Greek sorority. Currently I am majoring in Hospitality with a concentration in meetings and events. 

1. I am cold about 93% of the time. This is why I live in Vegas because i would have zero chance of survival in basically any other part of the world. Air conditioners and I are not friends.

2. Romantic comedies are basically the way to my heart.

3. Read everything I write as if it was a sarcastic joke because about 97% of the time, I am totally kidding but want to make it sound dead serious. Use your imagination when you read my posts.

4.When somebody steps on my feet literally, I’m cool about it. I always assure the person who accidentally stepped on me that it’s okay.

5. I really enjoy dyed flowers. Those flowers that are so vibrant and odd colors that you know they have not be natural. I love those things.

6. I am a very proactive person. I don't know how to procrastinate yet I make it sound like I do on every form of social media.

7. My R2D2 obsession is on a real level. I have a backpack, lunch box, socks, remote control blow-up robot replica, etc. My list goes on for a very long time. If you want to make me happy, make a star wars reference.

8. I don't really eat meals. I just kind of snack... all day long... from morning to night... snack.

9. I don't wear yoga pants outside of my house too often. I feel like if I wear them and continue to wear them, the next time i go to put on jeans the jeans wont fit because yoga pants stretch.... not all jeans have a lot of wiggle room. 

10. I am absolutely awful at the lottery. Those stupid scratch cards I spend boatloads of money n when I cross state line, I might as well just donate that money because I never see it  again. 

11. I like to blog ("Duh, Jordan") Thats a given. I like to blog for myself. It's like a journal the world can see. I blog because I love to read and I love to write. I let my creativity constantly swirl about me.

12. My favorite food/snack is double stuffed oreos. I really like the "birthday cake" style, but its not always oreo's birthday so they don't come out too often.

13. I enjoy taking photos with film cameras. Not necessarily Polaroids, but that 1980's vintage film roll. Those pictures you can't retake because you dont know you dont like it until you see it.

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