An Open Letter to Taylor Swift's 1989 Album

Friday, November 14, 2014

Typically I find anything Taylor Swifts sings, writes, performs to be utterly annoying. "Teardrops on My Guitar" and "Love Story" will forever be her top hits in my book because those are the only songs I could tolerate. Her pop-country vibe is what she built her name off of and now she's pulling a game-changing move by pulling 1989 out of NOWHERE! Did anyone see this coming?

Dear 1989,

The amount of emotion you give me is unreal. The supply of confusion I have for you is becoming hallucinatory. It's nothing against you personally, but towards the idea as a whole, the singer, the writer, the album, the title, the feels.

Why are you so catchy? Why do I hear you everywhere?! You're on every radio station, and you automatically assume the position on my Kid Cudi Pandora station.

I'm not sure how I should feel. One minute I'm cruising along singing the beat on the radio "Shake, shake, shake it off" and then some guy comes on announcing that was "Taylor Swifts new SINGLE?!"

  1. Does she know what single is?
  2. WHAT?! I was just jamming out to a Taylor Swift song? That was not on my local country station? This is why I have trust issues. I still have scars on my back from your knife.

I'm not sure whether you make me feel guilty, ashamed, upbeat, care-free. I cannot tell how I feel because I thought I knew Taylor Swift. I really thought I did then you came and popped out of nowhere! You get stuck in my head, I hear you randomly sung by my friends "I've got a blank space babeeeeee, and I'll write your name," and you're like all the rage for background music. Since when did this country singer pop sensation become so good at her job? That's a little harsh but like whatever. Welcome to New York! Has this love-struck heart breaker really gone astray from her country wannabe pop ways? 1989 has saved the world by selling like 900,000 copies of you! Which is more than I can say I've done today. *snaps*

Look, I give you props; you just kinda shocked me a bit. Living your wildest dreams I see. 

Please tell your creator to stop while she's ahead though or at least stays in the same zone. She's good.... you just might change my mind about one of America's sweethearts. Don't go getting a big head though. I don't wanna see the album "2089" and its all like EDM or something. Electric Daisy Carnival features Taylor Swift. No, that's not a thing. 

Anyway, thanks for being you and like changin' the game a little bit. Keep calm and shine on 1989

Ever Yours,

Blank Space (I'll write my own name)

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