Everything You Could Do if You Had as Much Time as the UNLV Footballteam at the UNR Game

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Every year UNLV and UNR get hyped up about the football game between the two rivalry schools. UNLV won the victory last year and claimed the cannon back. We painted it red but that was short lived considering the score was a whopping 49 to 27 favoring UNR. Snaps to the students of UNLV for coming out and showing support though. 

It all started with the anonymous trash talking (which I personally loved)

Then it went to Twitter bashing which was great too. 

Everything You Could Do if You Had as Much Time as the UNLV Football team at the UNR Game

The pressure was on for this game. They're playing against their rivalry team, the coach just resigned, they're probably all turkey stuffed, and oh it's the kick off to study week. If you were watching you would've seen UNLV doing a lot of standing around and thanks to the offensive line, Blake Decker had time to do literally anything. Leisurely passes were almost a priority in this game, or Blake Decker could have gone out to the parking lot, sat in the after game rush hour traffic, got home, and then thrown the ball and we might have had a chance.  But just couldn't get it together tonight guys. Good job on beating Albany in b-ball though guys!

You could take a panoramic photo, and some other basic ones as well.

You could also watch a whole halftime show that had some of my sisters in it (one being my little...GoDani!)

Or maybe paint some faces (if you look closely you'll see she has some gray and red sparkly paint on her cheek... Sorry best photo I got, take it or leave it y'all. The concept is still there though) 

And you could see multiple if not at least thirty people (some drunk some not) tripping on this stair right here. RIP $7 drinks 

In the midst of all of this, there was a game going on. I was watching until about the second half when we threw in the towel. I love UNLV athletics, but we have got to get it together. Its appropriate that I got all of these activities done in the matter of a game, its not appropriate that it almost seemed like the UNLV football team was doing them with me. 

Winning or losing, this is something our school comes together on. Even though the cannon is blue, UNLV is still the top college in Nevada. Over all were more interesting, we have more opportunities, and know how to throw the better after parties. Come on down Reno attendees whenever you wanna have a good time. Until next time....

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