Girls Guilty Pleasures: Bad Habits Released

Monday, November 24, 2014

We all have our guilty pleasures, but sometimes we all have our bad habits as well. Girls sometimes may appear as if they have it all together but lets take it to a "real" level for a moment. Guys beware! Girls know the men in our lives have some "interesting" habits but at least those are made public. In girl world, we have secrets, and they're about to be unleashed.

We eat half of a cookie/doughnut/Danish/treat and leave the rest sitting on a plate.
We can’t just eat that whole Twinkie! That's 300 calories, where as if we just take a bite its only 150. That sounds a lot better in our heads. It’s logical thinking girl-world style. Then in the end we tell ourselves what we did wasn't that bad after our taco, pizza, and grilled cheese, but, hey, at least you said no butter. 

(No picture necessary)
We enjoy squeezing out black heads. 
Girls have this black head issue way more often than guys do. Our pores are bigger and are more susceptible to oils due to all the make-up we pile on our face. I'm my own hero if I can get it out and not leave a nail imprint or red mark on my face. Personal satisfaction, achieved. 

We don’t shower every day.
"It's bad to wash your hair every day." "That’s what dry shampoo is for" "A little grunge never hurt anybody." We make up all of these excuses not to take a shower. Why? Because were lazy and we think its a waste of time. Plus, there's the pressure of shaving and who wants that? Society has given girls products so we don't have to constantly shower. We utilize those. 

We subtract 1 to 2 sizes when someone asks what our size is.
This is especially common in pants for some reason. I'm actually a 3 but I'm going to tell her/him "1" because that'll make me feel better. I hope you guys don't think I'm actually a 3, I subtracted twp sizes there.... I'm a 5.

Pulling loose hairs and leaving them on the shower wall!
The struggle is real with this one. We have like a mini heart attack as in "Oh no, why is my hair falling out?! Stress? A disease?" and then we get over it real quick and just wipe it on the wall of the shower telling ourselves were going to wash it off when in fact, there is a 99% chance were going to forget. 

We don't always wash our make-up off before we go to bed.
Should we? Absolutely. The Satan craters forming on our face depend on this but like, who has time for it. Wiping off your make up is like wiping off the night, it’s now over; forever alone in your bed for the evening. 

We rarely wash our bras.
We just assume it doesn't get dirty. When was the last time you washed your bra? You haven't, it just doesn't happen. 1.) There is the struggle of knowing you should "hand wash" it but then there's the lazy factor of the washing machine can handle it and 2.) Like bras are sacred, you only have so many, even if you have one for everyday of the year; it all depends on the occasion. 

dressing room
We struggle in the dressing room. 
Like, constantly. We pick up a bunch of clothes and go to try them on (if we make it that far). Sometimes they’re too small and we literally cannot get out of them without like ripping the fabric or tearing down the walls of the curtained Forever 21 dressing room.

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