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Monday, November 17, 2014

So, word on the street is I can be a little sassy ;)
That's fine I have no issue with that but I can tone down when I need to. I take a lot of interest in what is happening with the world; therefore I think I'm entitled to posting my opinion.
I'm trying this new concept of taking a current event, defining it in an unbiased manner, and replying to it in only ONE sentence. Let's see how this goes.

Ebola: This is a virus disease that is deadly and rare. It was first discovered in 1976, has stayed predominantly in Africa and was pretty dormant for the past two decades. There was no movement on the subject when all of a sudden people kept popping up all over the place with the disease. With the man in Dallas, TX dying from the disease and possibly infecting 132 other people Obama has appointed Ron Klain to be in charge of travel restrictions from Africa to the U.S.

Reply: The concept itself is a tragedy (yet I make light of the situation all the time which is really not okay) but a disease that spreads this rapid and is this potent literally makes me scared for my life.

Ferguson Shooting: On Aug 9, 2014 there was a shooting of a teenager by a police officer in the St. Louis area. Michael Brown was 18 and unarmed when the incident happened. The details of what actually happened are fuzzy and unclear. An officer says Brown was shot during an argument with the shooting officer while Michael’s friend said Michael’s hands were on his head when the gun went off. There was a vigil the next day for the boy and police showed up with rifles and protective shields causing a violent protest from then on out.

Reply: Police are getting a little too comfortable with their role in society where some think they're above the law instead of just enforcers.

NFL and Domestic Issues: February 15, 2014 Ray Rice, the running back for Baltimore Ravens was arrested for hitting his fiancée, in the face, which then knocked her unconscious. He was indicted on third-degree assault and then the next day Rice and his fiancée were married. The NFL suspended Rice for his first two games until the elevator video was released by TMZ when Rice's contract was terminated.

Reply: The following items irritate me: the amount of domestic violence ads the NFL utilizes ( ), the fact that Ray Rice was let off gently compared to other NFL players and their weed accusations, and the fact that Rice is a celebrity so he gets off easy yet I don't think people realize how many little kids actually look up to him,; there is damage to be done there.

The Comet Lander is in Hibernation: Philae's batteries have temporarily died as there is no more power left in them. They are run off of solar power, but the comet's angle and the placement of Philae, it is unlikely these batteries will recover anytime soon. This comet landed on November 12th and stayed alive until November 15th. All the data collected has been transmitted before the Rosette space craft orbited just beyond the comet, disrupting communications.

Reply: This was the first piece of machinery to ever land on a comet; how freaking cool is that?!

Snapcash: Ever heard of Snapchat? (If you've read my blog for any length of time you'd know what snapchat is) Snapcash is this new idea, invented by Snapchat that allows you to send money to your friends. Through the use of the company Square this process is possible. Your money will not disappear after ten seconds though. It's another idea like Vemo or online paying.

Reply: I feel like this has potential to be the next online version of prostitution; nice try Snapchat, you're for photos not money.

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