Red Lipstick is the New Black

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Looks like history really does repeat itself; red lipstick seems to be a "thing" again. The last time it was popular was during World War II, The Civil Rights Movement, and Roe v. Wade. I don't know what happened between now and then but girls have definitely been stepping up their lip stick game.

I like this trend because everyone can take part in it. 50 shades of Red look good on 50 shades of skin tones. No matter what color you are, you can find a lipstick to match. I like this trend because not only can any skin tone pull it off but any age range as well. Aside from like 5-year-olds because I don't approve of that but I mean if your fifty and fierce and want to wear red I say live it up.

Or maybe you don't even care about that aspect; perhaps you match your lips to the occasion. You know that saying "Don't kiss and tell," well with lipstick being a defining attribute to your outfit that might not be as easy anymore.

A little history about lipstick:

3000 BC: These chicks used to make this stuff from gemstones! They wore jewels and money on their lips. BO$$!

The 1500s: Only prostitutes wore lips as red as a rose, so upper classes wore the "all natural" look. 

The 1770s: There was a law saying that women who were "done up" were considered witches. Lipstick, all of a sudden, became magical. 

What do guys think about this "lipstick" thing?

"Well, it's not for me."

"I only notice it if it's super pop-ish. That's when I'm like too much."

"If it's on her it'll look great. If I can get her to get it on me by the end of the night, me neither better."

"To be honest, I don't really notice, but it looks good most of the time."

"It has to look right. Like some girls wear colors that just don't work. Like I'm not used to anyone wearing lipstick really, but sometimes a girl gets a shade and rocks it."

"It depends on the girl. On some girls, the lipstick looks stupid, but on other, it works really well. It's all about their face."

How does this "lipstick" thing work?

You have your color chic, oh-so-diverse color pallet and you Marilyn Monroe it. It's pretty much one of the most iconic makeup trends 

1. Pick your favorite lipstick

2. Start applying on the bottom lip from the middle out.

3. Lip liner can be your friend, so make sure you buy the matching liner to the lipstick. Lip liner will make your lips look a lot fuller. Apply it! Make sure it's super sharp (like those gemstones the Cleopatra's used to wear) and pay extra attention to your upper lips little crease thingy. 

4. Press your lips together to blend the product.

5. Blow a kiss and make 'em sweat!


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