Screenshotting Unleashed

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Advice for the day: Go about your day and texts as if everything you say and write will be screenshotted.
There's like a 1000% chance that every word that comes from your "thumbs" or mouth will be reiterated to someone else for better or for worse.

Don't trust anyone with words you send via text. There is a good chance that will end up somewhere in a group chat or on the internet.

Why do people screen shot in the first place? Let's diagnose this.

1. To keep evidence for a future time in case that person does something to make you angry
2. Use as black mail (especially popular with photo and snapchat screen shots)
3. To savor a memory (rare, screen shots are only used for the greater evil, not greater good)
4. To organize your thoughts through photos in a particular order (most likely so it cant be sent to someone in an order that makes sense)
5. How-to guides are great with the screen shot feature
6. You know you wont have internet next place you go and your data plan be slackin. (mostly done with homework assignment)
7. Keeps your calendar updates (how often do you go through your photos? @ least once a day I imagine.)
8. According to Zarah, "Its handy when you have to make memes out of your friends snapchats" (only when you HAVE to make memes, bit because you want too or anything)

When you're talking to a girl always remember that you're also talking to her friends via screenshots. It's just easier to send them the message otherwise they think you fake! That saying "pictures or it didn't happen." Same applies to text messages and snapchat screenshots.
"No girl you did not say that...Oh dang you really did, harsh."
I have a love hate relationship with the feature, partially because I cant really take screen shots because my lock button be trippin, but also sometimes you just want to have a conversation with a friend heart to heart but I mean you don't know who they're reading that out loud too, or who they're sending that too. Then again, when something does happen, just to remind people that you did tell them something or whatever, the screenshot function is totally acceptable.

I'm pretty sure apple didn't design such a fantastic feature for petty girls and boys to take screen shots of conversations to show their friends. I use my feature for like coupon organization, and quotes I possibly might want as a background or something. If i'm feeling super lazy and I don't want to go through all the button pressing to save the photo I might just screen shot it.

All I am saying is be wise with your words, and just pretend that the one person you don't want to see what your writing, can see it. Guarantee they've already seen it before you've even sent it.


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