Things That Appear to be Normal but are Probably Weirder Than You Think

Monday, November 3, 2014

Take a look at all of these "normal" situations and really think about them. Some of the things us as humans do that are basic, daily tasks, are really strange and odd. Please enjoy my commentary on some of these pieces.


Like literally this is the spawn of another chicken. We just raped their little hen house of hearts so we could enjoy an omelet? It's almost a chicken miscarriage were eating. STHAAAAPPPP.


As Much as i appreciate these babies I don’t understand why that hair is not shaved but EVERYTHING else on your face has to be clean cut? Who died and made eyebrows king, eh?


The concept of Twitter is so unreal, like, lol what are we even doing with our lives. We're making sure our "fans" know our every thought because we think were funny or relatable or something. HAH
27 Things That Are So Weird When You Actually Think About Them


Oh, hey, hi, my arm just split into mini arms after my real arm hit my wrist so yeah. Your fingers are tiny arms of your arm. AWKS.

Honestly the weirdest concept of life.
"Hi, I like you"
"Hey, I like you too"

can I taste your saliva please? This is what the human race came up with as our mating call? #NoHopeInHumanityEver


All the rappers talk about it being paper... well because it is!!!! It’s only worth something because the government says it is. Otherwise you would just have a solid photo of Benjamin Franklin.


"Hey, can we hang out until one of us dies? I'll buy your pretty jewelry and you can cook me food. Marriage is basically deciding whom you want to sit next to for the rest of your life.

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