Things You Should Never Say or Do to A Guy

Monday, November 10, 2014

In the spirits of #MCM- Man Crush Monday here's a contrary list to the one I recently posted. Things You Should Never Say or Do to A Guy. Good guys are a dime a dozen, so you need to hang on to the one you've got or start looking for the one you want. The only way they're going to stay around is if you treat them right though.

"Man up." 

Whatever he has done, does not deserve this statement. Men are men, regardless. Saying "Grow up" is still childish but "man up" is so emasculating. It's never appropriate. If you're having issues with a guy in your life communicate those feelings to him and talk about it. WOMAN UP.

"Nothing is wrong."

Girls are notorious for this. Do not tell a guy "it's fine" when it is not. They are not mind-readers. They suck at reading emotions sometimes too. Let him now your peeved, happy, upset, curious, etc. If you're a girl you8re allowed to be emotional, it is almost expected, so guys are not offended when you say "Hey I am feeling (insert emotion here)" BE DIRECT. Take charge.

"Ugh, I am so fat in these jeans."

Don't complain about your weight in front of a guy. I know sometimes it just comes out because it is on your mind. Direct the conversation elsewhere as soon as you realize it. You are screaming insecurity with this. Refer to the above tip for confidence advice.

"Bro" or "dude." 

A superficial name like that is way overrated and rude. Your a human being use their name. Especially if he is a love interest because you just friend-zoned yourself chica.

"My ex did this, so maybe you should do that."

Never compare your current interest to your ex-interest. Like keep that in your mind; don't ever say it out loud. As soon as you mention it, the new dude is going to get real salty real fast.

Do not throw a hissy fit if a guy does not open the door for you.

If he is not performing to your standards, tell him or leave him. Maybe take it to the next level and open the door for him. That could even be an amusing reminder of the chivalry that still exists. Some guys are very prominent about it; some just don't do it. Figure out if it's a priority in life and go with it.

Do not go through his emails, texts, phone calls, etc. 

Don't even check his Snapchat favorites. If you're on the hunt for something, you're going to think nothing is everything. You know what I mean. You need to learn to trust. If he has nothing, your going to feel like an idiot and start an argument in the process.

Don't take out and off your hair extensions, eyelashes, fake nails, and sometimes on various occasions your heels in front of a guy. 

Let them think were beautiful creatures. Mesmerize them with your stunning-ness, don't let them know its fake! You most likely dressed up for him, so keep that expectation going. Plus it's fun. Be real here girls, make-up is fun, curling your hair is fun, building your confidence is fun.

Never teach a guy how to work out unless he asks for it. 

Do not go up to the weightlifting section and start critiquing a guy on his squats or power in the middle of his workout. Your comments are most likely unwanted. If he has a question, he will ask you if he feels it's needed. Never interrupt a workout. That's one of the most sensitive things about guys in this day in age.

Never pressure or force a man to do anything he doesn't want to do. 

There this notion in the world today that men are the dominant species on this planet, but there are some cases where they are the victim. If he says no, then respect that just as he should for the other person.

Heres, a trick, just imagine Chuck Bass, Daren Kagasoff, Dylan O'Brien  or some other superficial hottie is standing in front of you, would you say or do whatever you're about to if it were them?

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