Things You Should Never Say or Do to A Girl

Friday, November 7, 2014

My internet was being super fake last night. Just imagine this was posted at 1:04 a.m. and not 9:15 a.m.

So here you have it. Take these lightly or let them affect you but here are things you should never say or do to a girl. Girls are a completely different species. Some are emotional, some are emotionless. There experiences define who they are but these are clean and simple rules anyone should follow. Girl to girl or boy to girl, these apply to all.

Do not tell a girl to calm down. There's a good chance She can get a lot worse and you will instigate that by telling her to "calm down" 

Deny things that are true. Girls are born investigators and like literally we can find out anything. If we're asking you about something it's because there is a good chance we already know. Just own up to it. 

Be a jerk to her in front of your friends or hers. Your man card is not going to be declined bc you treat your girl right. Leave the attitude at home and with the boys but not when she's around. This goes for never letting a guy disrespect a girl in front of you (especially if you're the boyfriend role, stand up for your girl!)

Ask a girl where she wants to eat... Or ask her any question at all
Girls are the most indecisive creatures out there. If your lucky you have the very rare breed that is direct and will let you know or not even give you the opportunity to ask. Otherwise, you will have the type that never decides, so basically  you're not leaving anywhere until you decides where to go. Consider it a perk!

Compliment a girl in a way that could sound insulting ( ie: you have big calves) Wow, geeeze, uh thanks... "No they look good" like, stop, you've already shot yourself in the foot with that. One give up now if you ever want a chance with that again. Now all shes going to think about for the next 15 minutes is if her calves are big and of that's a good thing or a bad thing. 

Force a girl to do something she doesn't want to do. This goes for anyone, actually. Make this like a rule of thumb. You never pressure anyone to do anything unless they directly say "Yes, let's do this." Its not your decision. Peer pressure isn't a thing either. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion.

Don't assume anything. Don't assume a girl is mad bc shes rolling her eyes. Don't assume a girl is easy bc of the way she dresses. Don't assume a girl knows what you want bc chances are she doesn't even know what she wants. Don't assume a girl talking to a couple boys is shady, shes keeping her options open. Don't assume a girl not eating very much has an eating disorder, she probably just isn't super hungry.

NEVER let a girl go to bed, or just comply with her requests when shes upset. If she refuses to talk to you send her something reassuring to wake up to in the morning. You fight this argument. Nothing will ever get done if you let it sit stagnant. Man up, be the bigger person and comfort her, let he know shes worth your attention even when she is being ridiculous.

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