Twitter Tuesday - Starter Packs

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Twitter has this new thing about "Starter Packs," and I think they're freaking great. I die every time I see some! They're a little stereotypical but if you can laugh a a stereotype and make light of a situation, these are definitely for you. 

I thought I'd try a few out

"Make your phone go from 100% - 0% real quick" 
Image result for group me icon

"Typical sorority girl"... there's 5 photos because "we can't even"

"The Mom Starter Pack" (Stolen from Twitter)

"2007 Scene Girl"

"EDC ready"

"Girls 4th of july outfit"

"I'm a photographer"

"These guys ain't loyal"

"Studying for finals"

"The Iggy Azalea" starter pack

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