Typical Thanksgiving Post

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Alright, the traditional thanksgiving post has arrived. The typical "I'm thankful for..."
Although it's not typical... When was the last time you thanked your parents, your co-workers, your teachers, your dog, your iPhone? All of these people and things have made a significant impact on your life. I know they've done a great deal in mine.  You might think I'm being sarcastic but there's a little bit of truth that tags along with all of these mentions. So here's a "Thank You" shouout to the real MVPs in my life. 

Im thankful for Sparkling Apple Cider because I'm not 21 and I live in Las Vegas. Although you look like the real deal we all know the truth. The holidays come around and that's the only special surprise I get. Thanks for always having my back. Fake it to make it .

I'm thankful for my wonderful sorority. That allows me every opportunity to better myself... And I get to do so with my best friends.

I'm thankful for instagram filters. Every dog has its day and sometimes it's just not yours. Filters make me feel better about myself. 

I'm thankful for my totally rambunctious, completely over the top, loving, and caring family that accepts me for who I am and allows me the freedom to make my own destiny. 

I'm thankful for my retail job, because no matter how much I complain about it it supports my spending habits which do me dirty a WHOLE lot. Like how instead of spending my pay check on stuff that will better my life I buy shoes and sweaters. Real life problems.

I'm thankful that Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet. That gives people the opportunity to be creative and get their point across in a brief statement. Otherwise they have to pull that "2 tweet" thing and that's not actually good. 

I'm thankful for this loving animal. She growls at me when I ignore her but she teaches me responsibility and that makes me grateful everyday I don't have kids (right now at least).

I'm thankful for drivers who don't use their blinkers. They give me someone or something to yell at while I'm on the freeway. 

I'm thankful for my bed. It comforts me when the world cannot, keeps me warm when the bitterness is let in, and let's me sleep with it, no strings attached. 

I'm thankful for scarves. A little too thankful because I have about 27... Give or take. 

I'm thankful for the option to be able to wander to a place you've never been too. Experience life from a different location. 

Im thankful for SCANDAL. Olivia Pope is life and no one can stop her. Thanks for always being my main. 

I'm thankful for this holiday that is dedicated to eating food. 

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