21 things for the 21st Birthday

Tuesday, December 30, 2014


Well here I am, 21 years since I was brought into this world. No longer a delinquent underage attendee, I can now conquer the world with my I.D. Here's a post dedicated to myself. its lists of 21 things for my 21st birthday. 

I just want to say I feel so blessed to have such genuine friends and family in my life. With out this awesome support system I would not be the woman I can say I'm proud to be today. 

(these can happen at any point in my life, the sooner the better but there are 21 of them)
1. Expand my sushi taste buds
2. Buy more high heels
3. Dye my hair a crazy color
4.Graduate college.
5. Take a pole dancing class (for exercise purposes!)
6. Do a color run, or some other funky 5K
7. Visit New York City
8. Go grape stomping, and drink wine that same day.
9. Go to a drive in movie theater
10. Relearn french... USE IT
11. Find things to cheer me up.
12. Write my thank you cards, on stationary, and send them out.
13."Unplug" for ten minutes a day; sit and do nothing. Find my focus
14. Take notes. Try to hand write them but typing them can be acceptable.
15. Don't blame someone else for your own mistake.
16. Be the bigger person. If something is wrong address it, don't accuse it.
17. If you think a compliment, say it to that person. Quick text, or a friendly conversation.
18. Make a scrapbook
19. Get a tattoo (tentative, henna will do too)
20. Go to a music festival or music carnival
21. Win on a slot machine above $10


(in no particular order)
1. My drive for success
2. Coupons
3. Apps that are free
4. Winter mint gum
5. To live in a city that doesn't sleep
6. To have friends that don;t sleep either
7. Fireworks
8. Family
9.Fleece blankets
10. Crop tops
11.10ft long charger cords
12. Shanon Taylor
13. CHEWY!
14. Glitter
15. Tri Sigma (Theta Epsilon)
16. Happy Hours
17. Amazon Prime
19.  Those little umbrellas they put in drinks
20. Jordy Nelson on Green Pay Packers
21.Twinkling Icicle lights

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