Are Your Yoga Pants Making You Fat?

Monday, December 8, 2014

That's a bold question but I think I am on to something. Take a step into Jordan's Research Lab and let's diagnose this yoga pants problem...

In the summer time girls tend to wear flowy shirts, tank tops, shorts, bikinis etc. Basically, clothing that does not restrict your skin, muscles, or fat from being shown. Nothing is holding everything together like a pair of jeans would, you feel me? But since everything is so bare in the summer months were more conciliatory about what it looks like or how it moves/jiggles. 

Now that winter has arrived we have to break out the Levi's and denim wear. They may or may not fit the first day of fall but that's not the issue at hand. We're getting back into the jig of wearing pants. Lazy days consist of yoga pants and a messy bun but then sometimes girls continue to wear those yoga pants for the rest of the week, maybe not the same pair (but some do wear the same pair so be on guard). 

We become very comfortable in our stretchy nylon material. Then, one day, the natural elements align and one must wear jeans for a specific occasion. They're a little tighter than last time, but we shrug it off and say "oh the dryer shrunk them," knowing full well that you don't dry your jeans. 

Yoga pants and leggings are easy to slip on. Sometimes we can make a cute outfit out of them too. They fit every body type and if you go up a size they will still hug and love your body like before. The issue here is that. We don't realize we're gaining weight or feel the jiggle (if the material has a little structure to it) evaluate everything still fits.

Now you're trying your jeans on again and now they really don't fit like you can't talk yourself out of it. Those holiday treats really took a toll. 

What am I really trying to say here?
Pretty much, if you wear yoga pants every day you become blinded by there comfy stretchy material that when it comes to jeans and dresses you wonder why they don't fit because they're not nylon. Your waist size might have gone up because you don't notice any changes until "the pants fit..."


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