Dog With A Blog: Christmas Edition

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Merry Christmas! I'm glad you've stumbled upon my page today because were in for a special treat (hahaha its a pun you'll get in a minute).
I love Christmas. I am fortunate enough to be surrounded by people who love me, gifts that surprise me, and food that fills me. I could not ask for a better atmosphere on Christmas day. Everyone is there, my family, close relatives, close non-relatives, my boyfriend, his friends, their kids friends, parents friends, and of course the dog.

Speaking of the dog, (can I say that since I brought the topic up?) my dogs name is Chewy. You may recognize her from my post ONE ON ONE With Chewy. Well it's time for her to shine again. 
Have you ever heard of that show "Dog With a Blog"? It is on Disney channel and that is the extent of my knowledge. It was a rhetorical question because I won't be able to relate this post in any way to that show. If I do, it is pure coincidence. 

Welcome to Dog With A Blog: Christmas Edition. 
Starring: Chewy the Chug (part pug part Chihuahua) 

This is how Chewy Spent her Christmas day.

Oh, Time to wake up.... wait, why is it still dark. Oh, no! It's happening! I'm going blind! I knew it was coming up but I didn't know it would be this soon! I still have so much to live for!!!!

Nahhhh, nevermind, the humans were just playing tricks on me. Putting a blanket over my head. The nerve of those people. 

No! Wait! I take it back! We can be friends again. I see you have ham on your plate. Aren't you watching your sodium levels. Just slap that down on the floor right here.

Oh, mama's got the good stuff too. Maybe, when no one is looking I can snag that potato, or is it stuffing? Do I even care?!?! It's food! I've been starving since before I took my nap.

SPOTTED:  Jordan catching chewy mid-plot. Chewy almost had her chance to take what she wanted, but Jordan caught her red handed. 
XOXO Chewy Cam

Ugh, I ate so much ham.... so much food inside my belly. I can't even get up.

What is this stupid thing on my head. Here we go with these humans again. Why is there paper everywhere? I hate the sound of paper being crinkled and they're over here just shredding away not having any concerns about what I feel or think. RUUUUDE.

I only smiled because I was told I was getting a treat. Do you think I got that treat with these humans?!?!

You bet I did.I don't do nothing for free. I run this town.

What the heck is on my head? I don't really care, just keep petting me. Don't stop for anyth.... TREAT?!?!?!

Who let the dogs out, huh? Living young, and wild, and free. Santa can't catch me now.

Welp, santa caught me. Give him the puppy eyes, works every time!

Santa put me on the naughty list, just temporarily. I'm trying to befriend him to get me back on the nice list. I need some chew sticks. My owners ran out. 

Does this Santa hat make me look fat?

Oh, did you want to hang these up? Just don't hang me up with them! I belong on all 4's at all times.

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