How to Cause Mischief In a Store

After holiday shopping season has arrived! Of course, after a while, you see the same stuff and participate in the same sales, it all grows very dull. So spice up your holidays and give the employees a good laugh for their shift. Cause some mischief in the men's department, or prank someone in the pet aisle. It's all in good fun, sometimes at the companys expense. Just don;t steal or break anything because that has a "Do at your own risk" sign written all over it. DailyCupOfJoJo is not responsilbe for any lost, stolen or damaged items.

Shenanigan safely friends!

1. Turn on all the flashlights.
Go to the home department and find the flashlight aisle. Proceed to turn them all on. What? You're just letting the public know they work even wit the packaging still on.

2. Spell out competing stores names with monogrammed items.
For example, if you see picture frames with letters on them at Target, spell out "Walmart" with them. You can also do a completely unrelated phrase, that's just overall funny.  Maybe someone will notice it, maybe not, but you'll have the satisfaction of a champion.

3. Set up a lawn chair in the book area.
Go get a set up from there camping aisle and bring it on over to the book area. Leave set up for the next person to enjoy. Maybe even provide a pillow from the bed department.

4. Spell things on calculators.
Now if you're going to do this you have to really commit. Every opportunity possible, take it. No calculator gets left behind. Type "Hello"or "Boobies" on every device.

5. Tune all the radios to AM static or polka stations, turn the volume all the way up, and turn the device off.
We all know what happens tot eh next person to turn on the radio.

6. Tape out of order signs on miscellaneous things.
This one you can have fun with but must come prepared with tape and pre-printed signs. You can post them on bathroom doors, alarm clocks (fully packaged), produce, etc. Sit back and watch the reactions.

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