How to Get Off the Naughty List

Monday, December 22, 2014

You have two days to get back on the good side of this double checked list. You still want your toys, candy and iPad's. How does one go about that? You have caused enough mischief and you might even feel a little sorry about it. Santa's moral compass is sharp as a tack so you're not messing with any amateurs.

"It can be done but you need to hurry up," said St. Nicholas.

1. Smile
It confuses people, and it also improves moods.  Singing holiday songs are optional but are also a good mood improver as well.

2. Ask Santa how he is doing
All anyone every does is tell Santa what they want.  Does anyone ask what santa wants? Send him a letter and then maybe at the end put a little tidbit about how much you want that MAC make-up pallette.

3. Don't take the last cookie on the cookie tray.
Leave them for Santa. Just because mom puts them out doesn't mean you can sneak downstairs and eat them!

4. Be nice to animals
Pet them feed them, talk to them. Reindeer loved to be talked to, especially rudolph. He was bullied, so Santa has a soft spot for that one.

5. Offer to help.
Next time you see Santa coming down the chimney, help him with his bags. It may be magical but hes got a lot of houses to visit in one night.

6. Take the high road.
Right up their next to the sleigh you keyed when your were causing trouble.

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