How To Get On the Naughty List

Monday, December 22, 2014

So you wanna get Santa's attention and you think the only way he'll notice you is by causing some mischief (I solemly swear I am up to no good)? Being raised in the city sin can't make accomplishing this task too difficult. I get it. Sometimes santa can irritate me just as much a baby crying in church. His songs are always playing, his face is everywhere, and all he says is "Ho Ho Ho."  Here's a few ideas for getting on Santas Hit list, but proceed with caution.

These are just suggestions, I'll let you be the judge to decide if you deserve to be out on the naughty list with other alternatives.

*DailyCupOfJoJo does not endorse or condone any of these behaviors.*

1. Leave him child support papers next to his milk and cookies.

Come on, he's taken plenty of pictures with your kids and he can't just talk the talk; he needs to own up to his actions. 

2. Run over Rudolph. 

Whether is dasher, dancer, prancer or vixen they are all pride and joys of the jolly 'ol man. Each one is an asset to the Christmas Eve traditions.  Besides, he'll look great hanging in your living room. 

3. Key Santas Sleigh

Seriously though, he parked on your roof. Do you know what kind of a tow truck you would have to get to get something like that down?! Just key his sleigh with some clever holiday phrase. 

4.  Discuss your wish list with Mrs. Claus... over a nice candlelit dinner. 

Santa won't be home on Christmas Wve. Why not go and see who keeps Mr. Jolly so cheery tgroughout the year

5. Give santa the lump of coal he gave you last year.

He might need it. I'm sure his sleigh only gets like 7 houses to the gallon. He can burn it for fossil fuels.

6. Pants him.

This is an oldie but a goodie. It's always entertaining when the big man in red is caught with his britches by his ankles.

7. Spam his email with E-Christmas cards of your dancing face. 

Show him and the little kiddies whose boss. It pays to know how to control technology in this day in age.

Stay tuned for tomorrow's "How to Get Off athe Naughty List" that is if you can even redeem yourself.

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