My Must-Haves for This Winter

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

We all have our winter rituals but do we always have the pieces we want? Winter in Las Vegas is a little different than winter in Chicago or somewhere else. I mean people in New York are wearing parkas and I'm wearing jeans and a tank top. I can't exactly say we get a white Christmas but it always tends to be a chillier day come Christmas Eve, so someone is watching out for us. Anyways...

Here are my winter essentials

1. My scarfs! Whether its for fashion or weather I love these. Then again with Vegas weather you'll need a scarf in the morning but tank tops by noon.

2. Apple Cider! With extra cinnamon, and in like a travel mug, not one of those ceramic mugs that people cozy up by the fire with because those burn my hands.

3. My ugly Christmas sweater... although, its growing on me, so maybe its not so ugly?

4. Chapstick and lotion... although the sun isn't cracking up the sidewalk it certainly is cracking up my skin.

 5.My tall and short boots. Leg warmers are included I just couldn't find them. 

6. My electric blanket! My cooling/heating system doesn't understand the weather either and gets really weird when the seasons change. It will randomly start blowing cool air, which entitles me to a high heated electric blanket.

7. Weather apps! I use the typical iPhone weather app but I also downloaded this "Authentic Weather" app that will give you the weather with an attitude.

8. My fleece penguin halvsie (half a onesie)... This is my winter secret, so for all of you judging me, I'll judge you if you have a onsie. They're too restrictive.

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