No Make-Up Monday

Monday, December 1, 2014

It is the beginning of the week and for many reasons, I am not wearing make-up today.
1.) It's Monday, so I'm lazy.
2.) I'm comfortable in my skin not to wear make-up every day
3.) I don't want to have to wash it off at the end of the day (refer to #1... I'm lazy)
4.) It consumes too much time.

And just because you don' put makeup on today doesn't mean you get to pick a filter for your photo either! You don't need one! I love filters because they make my photos look better, brighter, fuller, but you don't need them.  It's cliche, but we should embrace our true selves. Make-up lets us believe that the world will only accept us if our eyelashes are as long as rose stems, or that are lips pop with color. 

I love make-up, sometimes I wear it for others, sometimes I wear it for myself. It doesn't matter why I wear it so it shouldn't matter why I don't wear it. I like naked faces. Guys faces are exposed all the time. Repeat, ALLLLL THEEEE TIMEEEE. Talk about unfair treatment; I don't see them dropping $50 on a Sephora transaction. Anyways, I'm straying from the original topic.

There is a saying that "the more make up you wear, the more insecure you are." I'm not sure if I agree with it because sometimes you just want to wear everything that you have on your face at one time. No shame ladies. You got it, flaunt it.

No Make-up Monday is just a little something for you when you're doing your man crush Monday or Monday bun-days, whatever you celebrate at the beginning of the week to stick in your brain. You can post a photo... or Nah. Just go out of the house w/out any makeup. Tweet the hashtag #nomakeupmondays (look out no filter Fridays might be a thing coming up haha) Let your true self shine. I don't like being that cliche person but natural beauty is a thing, and every girl (or guy) has it, and it's up to you to own it. Bare the skin your in.

My favorite part is the fact you can scratch your eye and not worry about scraping any of your mascara or eyeshadow off. #SCOREEEE

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