The Tattoo I Don't Have

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Let me tell you about my tattoo... the tattoo I don't have. (Hold your breath mom and dad)

HUGE shout out to my little Dani for taking my idea and putting it onto paper for me.

So what exactly do we have here? A circle with another circle and some stringy things hanging from it, not exactly. 

Let’s start with a dream catcher of sorts.

I hope you got that from the feathers. I have a huge thing for dream catchers. I love everything they stand for, I give them away as gifts, and I basically collect them. The concept behind a dream catcher is the web will tangle up your bad dreams, preventing them from going any further, and messing up your life, while the good dreams pass through the holes; trickle down the feathers and onto the sleeping soul (or person).

I do enjoy this concept however I've kind of made my own theory about dream catchers. I don’t think of catching my dreams I get while I’m tossing Zzzzz's. I'm thinking of my dreams and goals, things that you strive for and use to define yourself. You have a dream and hang onto it until you no longer feel necessary or change your path or just nothing good comes from it. Those are the dreams that get tangled in the web. Something you thought would have been great but turned out to not be. The dreams that do occur and are the dreams you wanted to see out until the end encircle the whole idea of a dream catcher. You've caught your dreams. You cannot see how far you've come without struggle. I don't believe the "bad dreams" get stuck I just believe they're setting you onto a different path. The good dreams pop through the whole catcher.

Next, we have a compass.
The compass is really just another way of saying no matter what direction I go, I'll always find my way. Whether it is to find a home, reach a goal, or just try to find my co-workers house for secret Santa. A compass represents all the elements of the earth as well. Everything happens for a reason and the energies of the earth will help you to your destination. 

Lastly, a cross.
I have been attending church since I could walk. Thanks to my lovely mother I have found a religion I can say I'm proud to be a part of. I am a Lutheran which is a branch off of Christianity. With the cross attached to the compass and the dream catcher, I know that God has a plan and will help me find my way. The cross is my direction. Either way, I go I know I am not alone. Not to get all religious on you folks, but this is a meaningful part of my life. I want it represented.

Q: Where are you planning on getting this tattoo?
A: Out of my best friends van...Oh you mean where on my body? I'm gonna be basic and go for my shoulder blade. It wouldn't look right on my rib cage, calf or thigh, and I do not have the strength to get a foot tattoo. Sorry not sorry. 

Q:Why don't you just go get it done?
A: After seeing and working with so many elegant parties and ceremonies I want to wait until after I’m married to get it. I’m one of those people. I just don't think tattoos look good on brides. You have this beautiful elegant dress and then sleeves full of roses and barbed wire? It doesn't fit.

Q: What color would you get?
A: Black and white (skin tone?) I don't want any color. Black and maybe some white ink but that's about it. 

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