10 Driving Tips That Could Change the Traffic World

Friday, January 23, 2015

"Seriously, you're gonna go 15 mph?!"
"Ugh, yes please don't signal you're turning left."
We're all guilty of it. Road rage is just one of America's defining moments in its citizens life. We yell at people who cant hear us, make gestures to people who cant see us, and, all around, just act dumb, but t makes us feel better. It would be great if everyone just did as they were supposed to on the road.

Maybe this article will get a little buzz and go circling the routes a little so people can get through their heads the "legitimate, yet implied, laws of the land."

10. Respect the -5 +5 rule.
"Hi, the speed limit is 45, why are you going 30."
Go under five mhp than the posted speed limit or go over, but you cannot not go slower than 40 in a 45 without someone getting irritated.Save you and yourself the hassle
I get that the speed LIMIT is the limit, like you really shouldn't go over it, but there is no reason for you to go under it.

9.  Pay attention to your surroundings
"Oh, you're tag teaming now. I'm glad this two lane row is playing follow the leader with these slow pokes in front."
You all know what i'm talking about. hen its a two lane street and both cars in the right and left are going the same speed and that speed is 10-15 under the limit. So, basically, no one can get around them. Ever heard of slower traffic keep right? Follow that as a standard.

8. Understand timing: police and citizens
Theres a reason rush hour s a thing, its because everyone enters the freeway with traffic on their mind, well, ask and you shall receive. Where in any driving manual does it say "try to get pulled over as close to the merging freeways as possible, that way the police lights will distract bypassing drivers and cause a traffic jam half a mile back while everyone is looking at your mad man face through the driver side window. You're causing a ruckus and so are the police. Hiding out to catch speed demons is cool and all but, like, next time don't do it near a merging freeway, yeah?

7. No Emblem Smashing
As much as I love seeing your chevy truck emblem right up in my rear view mirror i'm going to need you to take a step back and reevaluate why and how being so close to my rear end is benefitting you. I'm not going to go faster with someone on my tail. If anything, i'm going to break check you and guess who wont be in a hurry after that, eh? I promise you I don't need to see your emblem in my rear view mirror to know you mean business.

6. Move with a purpose
"You're not going to speed up even just a tiny bit are you?"
The light is green, were still moving, but we (we= me and the car in front of me) are not going faster and we both know that light is not going to stay green forever. MOVE WITH A PURPOSE. WIN THE RACE. You want to make this light, oh it turned yellow and were 45 ft away from the intersection, what do we do?!.... Slow down, its yellow (barely). Welp, thanks for making me miss that light. When you're in your car, actually be there.

5. The traffic is only as bad as you let it get
So, everyone is just getting off work and you're all leaving the parking garage at the same time. Naturally, the street you all turn onto is going to fill up very quickly but the right lane seems to be moving pretty fast, but your lane doesn't more at all. All the people that speed down the right lane are jumping into your spot in the middle or left lane. People don't "put their foot down" (please don't do that literally in the middle of a traffic jam) and just let everyone in. Some people are bigger jerks than others and basically they say they will hit you before they you don't let them into the left lane but you were there first take back what was yours, what you waited for. DONT LET THE CHEATERS IN! They chose the right lane let them go straight or turn right, but there will be absolutely no turning left for them.

4. Fog Tight, Fog Lights
"Well, we wouldve hit if it wasn't for your no good-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather! Always causing us bad luck."
Oh no, you cant blame an accident on the fog on bad luck if you didn't have your lights on bozo. Figure it out.

3.  Use your turn signal!

2. Use your turn signal !!!

1. Use your tun signal!!!!
Otherwise don't get mad at me when I speed up or slow down and screw up your next move in the this game of surface street chess because you didn't know how to signal your turn. But at the same time, remember you're not a ping pong ball.

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