21 Days Since I've Been 21

Friday, January 30, 2015

Alright it hasn't exactly been 21 days but its pretty close and I needed a catchy title.

I'm back. Thanks for dealing with my silence for a bit sometimes life just gets a little crazy and I had to put the blog on the back burner for a hot minute but i'm cool now.

Let's get down to business here for a second.
It's been 21 days since I turned 21. I feel like I've accomplished a lot of the typical 21 year old tasks. Living in vegas makes these concepts a little bit easier to follow through with though.

Since I've turned 21 I have

1. Gambled (Video Poker)
Let me tell you. Birthday luck does not exist. Or Jordan luck doesn't exist... one of the two. Either way I didn't win. I've put like 40 dollars into so many different machines and I can never get a free spin, bonus round, the machine doesn't even make noise for me. UNTIL about a week ago I put $5 in, well Shanon (bae) put $5 in for me while he went to the bathroom. Well wouldn't you know it, I bet once and walked out with $65. Can I get a Hollah!

2. Gambled (Table Games)
So I played Pai Gow Poker as my first table game. Literally the slowest game of my entire life. I was on my last hand because I was bored, and I was about even when I tap Shanon on the shoulder to ask him which cards I should put down on the table and Ive never seen his eyes get so big! "BABE! You got a straight flush! thats like $150 on a $5 hand!" SO that was exciting but I gave it all back to Shanon anyway because we gambled with his money. So now we were up $50 and I was up a pedicure.

2. Played Bingo
Honestly, I hate BINGO. I only like it for the free drinks you get for sitting in that cold air conditioned room, listening to an old Siri talking lady rambling off numbers that your card is never gonna hit.  I've lost both times I've gone to BINGO and wouldn't you now it, I played with my own money and walked out with NOTHING.  Actually not nothing, I did walk out with a hot chocolate and Baileys

3. Drank a Cocktail
Honestly, I went to Outback and ordered a Melon-Chada ? It was like Corona and some fruity mixture thingy. That was really good and it was only $4. But then I went to McFaddens and ordered a Dirty Shirley Temple and that was honestly the worst thing I've ever had in my life. Cheap vodka and a cherry.
So far my favorite drink is Apple Cider and Fireball.

4. Took a Shot
I actually did two shots of Jameson. Literally awful, thats why they call them shots though right?
And I did a couple shots of Viniq and Fireball (not mixed together). Most of them took place in this little margarita shot glass lookin thing.

5. Purchased a Bottle of Alcohol
I was going for the Rumchata but instead I was intrigued by Tippy Cow. It literally looks like a chocolate milk bottle. It's so good. It tastes like Chocolate milk too. MY favorite is the Orange Dreamsicle one; the best with ice cream. Then I purchased a mini Fireball bottle, just for kicks.

6. Danced at a Club
I've gone to a couple clubs too. The First was XS for my birthday. That was pretty fun. This guy right next to us kept throwing ones all over our heads, I walked out of that club actually making money, like $30 richer. I had 2 Adios' and let me tell you Adios is right. Peace out friends, I was gone.

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