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Thursday, January 1, 2015


Congratulations! We all made it to see another firework display, kiss another lover, and drink another drink! To think you made it another whole year is absolutely incredible. I hope you lived it up as much as possible. I'm not gonna lie and say 2014 was one for the books for me in all aspects but I sure do start out the year on the right foot with the best intentions which is all one can really do right?

Okay, let's talk New Years Resolutions. What is everyone doing this year? Saving up more money? Start going to church? Working out more? Quit drinking? Become a vegan (shoutout to Zarah)? Get good grades?

Those are all great improvements to ones life. I'm a firm believer in goals. We all should have them, if you don't... I really don't understand what you're working towards in life, or at least this year.
I get it though, new years resolutions can be kinda scary. Its a big commitment to change something for a year, BUT I have a solution.

You can still have you're new years resolution but I highly encourage daily resolutions. Everyday make a tiny goal for yourself to improve on something in your life, your ultimate goal, you're new year resolutions, or anything really.
It'll look something like this.

ULTIMATE GOAL/ NEW YEAR RESOLUTION: Not depending on electronics for all of my daily uses.
Daily Goal #1 (Jan 1st): "Unplug for 10 minutes today"
Daily Goal #2 (Jan 2nd): Read a book for at least 30 minutes
Daily Goal #3 (Jan 3rd): Don't use thesaurus.com to find a different word to use
Daily Goal #4 (Jan 4th): Go running without music
Daily Goal #5 (Jan 5th): Don't listen to the radio today
Daily Goal #6 (Jan 6th): Don't turn your alarm clock on, let internal clock do the waking up (use with caution)
Daily Goal #7 (Jan 7th): Don't check Instagram today
Daily Goal #8 (Jan 8th): Turn your phone off while you sleep

etc. etc. etc.

See what I mean guys? You don't have to quit cold turkey. Just like any other bad habit, you need to ease out of your ways. Take it slow and when you feel ready crank up the big guns, if that's too much for you to handle take it down a notch again. It's your goal, your happiness, your vibes. You are in control of your own life.

I was in yoga the other day and my instructor was asking everyone if we were ready for new years and if we had any new years resolutions. After hearing a couple she told us they were all great ideas but to incorporate some daily resolutions in there as well. You don't need a "new year, new me" to start changing. We are humans and we change and grow everyday. You can start your resolution at anytime of the year. If on June 18th your feeling it, start it then, if you're feeling it on December 22nd, GO FOR IT. I started a new years resolution the 17th of December. I started going back to Bikram yoga. I wanted to better myself immediately, not wait until 2015. Plus, we all know what exercise classes look like on Jan 1st.

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