5 Things That Will Make Your Room Look Like Pinterest

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Guilty is charged. I was on pinterest like all winter break almost but I never actually accomplished anything. I liked a couple posts and repinned some stuff... that counts, right?
Well, I don't have a personal decorator or a lot of $$$... i'm in college, what do you want? I have access to a Walmart and a Hobby Lobby in order to fit my budget.  
Did you know there is like an entire section on pinterest dedicated to frames 

Step 1: Utilize Shower rods
I got the jewelry rod for like $2.00 at Target. I glued it on with hot glue in order to keep it from falling because of the weight of my jewelry, so that could be a good tip too. I have it organized gold to silver. Although I do like the idea of the hooks because you don't have to hook the jewelry around the rod itself, but in such a small space with so many necklaces it becomes to hectic. 

Right above my jewelry shelf is my scarf shelf. The same concept applies. You loop each scarf through a shower hook and tuck it behind the others.

2. Find a space for you to put stuff that doesn't exactly match your room but has value to you. 
For example I am in a sorority and were constantly crafting. Some of the stuff I receive doesn't exactly match my room colors but I still want to display it. So without swaying my Feng Shui I place them on this top shelf above my closest. They can all be seen but they don't disrupt the color pattern or decor of the room. 

3. Do something different with your frames.
Yes there are so many tricks in the book but I don't have a lot of time  to craft rides on the wood or make something look aged. I just paint the back of the canvas with a color that coordinates with my room. It provides a grunge look with out the cost or time of lining the back of the frame with fabric. 

4. Find an accent piece, or color, or both!
My colors are purple, gray and black. Scattered about the room I have some silver accents or pops of purple to add a little flavor to my room. Find a picture with a bold statement, or I have these little spiky snowflake looking things I hang above my desk. Compliment it with a color schemed mathcing lamp or another accent piece like my anchor in between my wall statement piece and settle snowflake ball things.  

5. Put books somewhere. 
The more the merrier actually. I would have more books but I'm kind of a library guru, so I don't actually buy all of my books haha. You know how Pinterest is though, they have books in like every home furnishing photo. They're the key to intelligence and a fabulous looking room. You'll see in the corner of my dresser I have a couple books there. IT does give the op part a nice edge (pun intended... get it? Because its on the edge?!?!? hahaha)

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