Annoying Habits of a Boyfriend

Monday, January 12, 2015

Things Boys Do That Annoy Girls
Not an ode to my boyfriend
Don't do them just because you know its going to annoy me now. I'm trusting you.

This is an ode from all the girlfriends of the past,present, and future, to their future loves.
Anyways, guys always talk about how annoying girls are because were so high maintenance. Little do they know they have some annoying habits as well. Since they lead such a simple life it becomes an upward battle with our mixing personalities.

I guess we kind of balance each other out in a way. Girls are so high maintenance to balance out the maintenance-not-included portion of men. Vice versa applies as well.
I dunno... its a work in progress kind of theory.

1. Having a one sided conversation
"Hey, how are you?" "Good." ..... "How'd you do on that test?" "Fine." "Did you study for it?" "Nah."
Literally how conversations go with guys. They're too busy playing Clash of Clans on their phones to have a two-way conversation.

2. Not every event is a "casual event"
Just because were going to Olive Garden (again) doesn't mean that you can't dress up once in a while. Nice button down, shoes with out laces, maybe something not made of denim too? Leave the socks and Jordan flip flops at home this next time eh fellas? If you see your girl is dressed a little nicer than usual, try to match her same causality.

3. When something goes wrong on my computer, you take the whole computer and try to fix it. 
Why cant you just show me what you do? 1. It's my computer and 2. I want to figure it out to so next time it happens you don't have to take charge. Let me just try and see if I can figure it out.

4. You don't remember who my friends are.
This is especially annoying when you tell me you want to get to know my friends, you meet them, I tell you something about them, and you don't remember them.

5. Your loud obnoxious handshakes you do with your"bros"
They don't even have to be long but you do that thing where you get like 9 handshake high fives going and they progressively get louder. I hate that crap. Just do the little bro clasp hug thing and move on with your life. You literally, probably just got out of class with them yet you're acting like it's your high school reunion.

6. When I'm asking you or talking to you about something and you scream in the middle of my sentence at the sports game on the TV.  
That is startling and rude. I have to admit it's a crazy talent you have though. Guys can have a conversation with a girl, look them directly in the eye, and still see everything going on on the screen. Props to that, but negative points for the haphazard screaming at the players who can totally not hear you.

7. You make it seem like it'll be just us two and your friend shows up.
That's cool, I'm glad you have friends, but do they need to come on every date we go on. Am I really that unbearable that you need to bring in reinforcements? Don't plan a dinner with me and bring your friend.

8. You tell me to "Calm down" or assume it's "That time of the month" whenever I'm angry.
You are literally fueling the fire right there with that statement. If you thought you had an argument before you just set yourself up for a war now. This applies to any gender though. Don't ever tell someone to calm down, the consequences will not out weigh the hint of satisfaction you receive.

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