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Monday, January 19, 2015

Oh, hey world. Sorry its been a minute, or two, or a couple more since I've posted. Life got a little crazy over the weekend because I was in DALLAS, TX! I've been through Texas as a connecting state on a road trip and as a connecting flight but that is the extent of my Lone Star State experience.

Anyways, I went there for a conference, Tri Sigma Officer Academy (#TriSigmaOA2015) where I learned different ways to develop my chapter in many areas. It's exciting to see how many other sisters you have across the nation that all share the same values as me.

Guess which ones of us are morning people?

Whataburger? You mean what's a burger? Those are just fries...

The creeping status is real. We dont' even go here!
Oh, what a delicate looking scene.... then there's a traffic cone. What is photography anyways? 
Only in Texas do you actually make texas. It would've been funnier if they served "Big Texas" cinnamon buns at this CONTINENTAL breakfast. Aha, so many "big" jokes.

How Many Sigmas can you fit in a Surburban? Enough to drive Veron Mom crazy!

BM4L (Bedmates 4 Lyfe) Were getting a shirt... Its a sorority thing

I  only got them to take this photo because the waiter came around and pured coffee into their breakfast cups. 

#HyattHappy or #HyattDehydrated, there was like no water anywhere in this joint. 

"We are all different" says the one facingbackwards

I swear we didn't plan this...

Laters DALLAS, it's been real.

If you ever think you feel lost, just imagine how you;d feel trying to find yourself in this photo...

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