Viva La Living in Las Vegas: A Pro-Con Article

Monday, January 5, 2015

Alright, let's set some background about this "little" city I like to call home. Las Vegas, named by the Spanish, means "the meadows" in their language; which I find quite ironic considering it is now a desert, but moving on. Raphael Rivera was headed to LA, coined this little nugget of land by using the water. This plot of land used to contain artesian wells that allowed for this meadow look. As you can see, since the population has reached over 15, we no longer have those artesian wells. People came here because there was water. My, oh my, how times have changed.

I wanted to talk to you about living here. I get a lot of questions when I go to retreats out of town. It's always the same old stuff.
"OMG, you live in Las Vegas? So, like do you know Tiesto or *insert famous DJ name here*?"
"Wait, so you’re at hotels, like all the time right?"
"I bet you're partying all the time!"

Although I'm extremely flattered, you think I could upkeep a lifestyle like that it is so far from the truth. Las Vegas is and isn't all it’s cracked up to be. So I've made up a list of pros and cons about this city.


It's convenient: Come on! Anyone who has lived here can say this is by far the most convenient place to live. We have malls open until midnight, a ton of 24-hour mini-marts, and grocery stores galore on every corner. 24-hour access to anything! We have a 24-hour wiggery; you can buy a wig at any hour of the day!

Low(er) Crimes Rates: Our metropolitan area looks like it would attract a lot of gang bangers and pistol fights but in actuality, it doesn’t. There are some areas of town I would rather not spend my time in, of course, but other than that Las Vegas’ crime rates are fairly low. Aside from your average break in and DUI alert, shootings and terrorism isn’t something our city is concerned with.

There is always something to do: Granted its better if you’re 21, then there are more things for you to do, but the point still stands. There are night clubs, movie theaters, mini golf, themed mini golf, drunken shenanigans, sports arenas, restaurants, etc. You can get a taste of the world in a three-day bender for sure. And, if absolutely none of that interests you, were only about 4 hours from Disneyland and Magic Mountain. Just saying.

An endless supply of golf courses: The retiree’s favorite past time. Expect to pay the price for s decent tee time though.

Cirque du Soleil: Who doesn’t like seeing humans do impossible things in fun costumes for money? If you’re lucky, they will pull you on stage and cut you in half while juggling fireballs or something. Take your prom date here, but beware they might expect a night out like that all the time.


It's hot: I guess it depends on how you look at it though. If you think 110-degree weather is comforting because you do Bikram or Hatha yoga five times a week, then Vegas might be the place for you. Other than that, there is zero rain, the sun is ALWAYS out, and the summertime is always in the triple digit degrees.

It's addicting: Las Vegas will tempt you, treat you, or indulge you. You will find out everything you need to know about someone sitting at a blackjack table. We provide you opportunities to pay money to feed your addictions.

It’s a wannabe NYC or LA: This city only has 836,076 residents. The only reason it appears to be more crowded is that we have 2 million tourists at a time it seems like.  Visitors don’t take part in the census.

Unemployment Rate: DO NOT come here if you are looking for work. Even if you were promised a job with a decent salary and a house payment do not take it. We will go back on our word and pretend like the offer was never made. We have the highest rate of unemployment. If you’re moving here, it’s because you are retired and living on the youths social security dollars or you’ve made a decent living in Pittsburg but what a more “Resort” type feel. A lot of people come here to retire. (is that another con? Maybe its  pro.)

Expensive: Where else in the world can you walk into a gift shop and walk out spending $144 on snow globes or magnets for the kids back home? Vegas is famous for their gift shops. We ever have the world largest gift shop to prove it. Oh and room service? Be prepared to give them your liver in exchange for that steak you’re about to devour.

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