What Did Your Childhood Toys Teach You?

Saturday, January 3, 2015

With the new year upon us I began to do a little cleaning around the house (early Spring cleaning?) and came across some of my childhood photos, so I'm going to input a little throwback here. We all had our childhood toys and activities. Looking back almost a decade and a half from now they all seem kind of silly, but those barbie dolls and matchbox cars were our lives back then. So these are some of the things I liked to play with as a kid, and this might explain why I live my life the way I do. 

I think toys define a little bit about how we grow up and function in society when we are older.

Tap Shoes

I played with my tap shoes. These tap shoes offered me a staging personality with a big attitude. Am I right? I tap danced for about four years. Before that, I did ballet (I called it twinkle toes), and then I moved up in my career to hip-hop and break dancing. I used to be a mini rebel girl too. Anyways, dance defined my college life with the mini rebel girls and gave me enticing opportunities to be louder than my shoes.


I played with my scooter. Do you remember those things? They provided me the opportunity to feel invincible on one foot. Oh, and I had to go outside to use them. 

Barbie Dolls

I played with Barbie dolls. I took care of those dolls like they were babies, so I guess I can say they provided me the opportunity to perform my gender role responsibilities? But now I don't want kids at all, so maybe they didn't help me at all.


I played with packaging. Now, I played with what was inside the packaging too, but the netted packaging sand buckets and beach items came in, made my day. I was very excited when I saw that netted material and vibrant colors inside. Almost like how Chewy assumes there's food for her in every Styrofoam box we bring in the garage door. It was a sign we were going to the lake/beach. I guess it helped me understand symbols or ways to recognize when something is about to happen.

My Food

I played with my food. I still do that, didn't learn too much from that one though. Sorry, mom.

My Books

I played with my books. Honesty Hour! I'm a pretty smart cookie I think. I get good grades and know my place in the classroom. I take pride in my studies and doing well. I'm a kinetic learner though because I need to touch, hear, listen, say, and do everything to learn it. Hence the kindergarten book. I needed more activities than what my teacher was assigning me.

My Brother

I played with my brother. I teased him a lot. I was kind of mean to him. I didn't understand that I had to share the rest of my life with this creature. We were pretty good until about 5th grade to 8th grade. Those were our prime fighting years. Through those years I learned to appreciate his existence, and now we're pretty close, and I understand our relationship. (Zach, if you're reading this, don't read too far into it, you still owe me $10!)

Swimming Pools

I played in swimming pools. They taught me how not to be a coward and to give into peer pressure. "Jump!" Just do it, Jordan" "It's only a flip over concrete where you and fall and break your neck." Wow, thanks "friends." Every time though, I did the stupid jump or leaped into the cold water.

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