What's In My Make-Up Bag

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Girls have their purse and then they have their make-up bag(s). Two totally different things. Some girls have multiple bags depending on how they organize their set up. Some don't even have a bag some but have a chest or a drawer. It is something boys probably will never understand but here's an inside on what we really carry around, and how we use it.

I used to be the chapstick girl where all I ever carried around was my blue and while vanilla chapstick but I'm slowly warping into the "just above bringing the commonly-needed-touching-up-items" girl. So here's what I carry in my make-up bag...

1. On a separate note, I have a bag dedicated just to brushes because I don't want them mixing in with my products.  These brushes all serve different purposes. You need them for different purposes. There's foundation brushes, powder brushes, eye shadow brushes (for light and dark colors), smudgers, and eyeliner brushes. 

2. Covergirl Flamed out mascara - thanks to the couponing habits I now have four of these, so this will be my "do or die" for a while. 

3. Sephora compact foundation (clair light 16) and Sephora bronzer (los cabos 3)- Fewer breakouts and only powder keep the oily skin from appearing. This is the base of all makes up, not a touch-up necessity but a starter.

4.E.L.F. Eye Shadow (Smoky and Golden Goddess)- Keeps all the colors together and if I'm wearing silver or bronze as an accent color they're my go-to's for simple colors and touches.

5. Eye make up remover pads- just in case you mess up on your way to work. 

6. Cover girl Perfect Blend Pencil Crayon- Not my favorite, I usually use Almay the kind that twists up. It's softer and blends better. 

7. E.L.F. Liquid eyeliner- For the upper eyelid. This has been my longest relationship. I've been using this sucker for like 4 years now. I love it, we make a great pair. ;)

I don't really like blush, my lipsticks I keep in my purse (major necessity), and other eye shadow colors I keep in my closet for occasions when I want something a little different. I don't feel exposed showing you my make up bag. I don't really get why to make up bags and women's purses are a secret. They're just bags we use to hold stuff in.

Hopefully, you guys think I'm pretty with my make-up choices. Now that you know what make-up I use maybe you think I should use more of it or less. Whatever, I'm a canvas and I can make myself into a masterpiece. Cheesy I know.
Much Love



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