Why Going to Disneyland With Your Sorority Sisters is Better Than Going With Anyone Else!

Sunday, January 11, 2015

Going to Disneyland is always a blast, but going with your sorority sisters makes it ten times better. As you could probably guess I went to Disneyland this past weekend! There was perfect weather, no lines, barely a crowd, hot churros, and an unlimited amount of Mickey Mouse ears. Honestly, this was one of my best experiences I've ever had at Disneyland, and I believe I have my sorority sisters to thank for that. So let me tell you why going to Disneyland with your sorority sisters is better than going with anyone else...

1. That castle spot is yours. Bigger groups intimidate people so they naturally move out of the way clearing a spot for you and your squad. If it is not the big group it is the Greek letters written across our chests and backs that get people moving as well.

2. You take up the entire ship, cart, or boat. Talk about a private ride. This is especially nice because you can be as silly as you want for the entirety of the ride. Plus, there is no need to worry about any randoms showing up in your photo at the end. I think we all secretly hope one of them will end up on the poster board at recruitment

3. Group priced tickets! Need I say more? Saving and Sigma; sounds like the best of both worlds if you ask me.

4. It’s a great photo op. This is the perfect setup for a recruitment photo opportunity. We all look so cute in our ears and letters. What better place for a mini shoot than at Disneyland. There are so many choices for backgrounds and lighting.

5. You can swoon over your prince charming. The best part about it is your sisters are just as obsessed with prince charming as you are. When you see Aladdin or Prince Phillip, you can’t help but let your six-year-old self rise to the surface. Those butterflies start turning in your tummy and you get all giddy with your sisters. Nothing says bonding like identifying your crush on a cartoon character.

6. Dressing up. You can let out your inner princess with a tutu and a wand. Whether you're 21 or 12 you are totally in the clear to always want to feel like a princess.  No one is ever too old for a tiara.

7. Finding out the secrets of the Magical Kingdom. There are so many hidden treasures around the park. If the entire group puts their heads together you might all be able to experience something new that you have never seen at Disneyland before. Everyone has a favorite spot, treat, or activity they acknowledge when coming to the park. You might be exposed to something completely new! 

You might not have it all together, but together you have it all. No matter how many calories you consume or burn off, the wait time for your favorite rides, or the amount of faces you make when trying to capture the perfect moment, your sisters are there to have a good time and it doesn't matter what land we travel to as long as we travel together. 

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