14 Reasons to be Single on the 14th

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Valentines day is literally the most selfless day of the year for some and most selfish day of the year for others. Those wrapped up in a relationship spend the day trying to please they're partner with gifts, food and sweets, while on the other side of the coin the singles are living for themselves. 

14. Renew your Netflix subscription. You are the ruler of the remote 

13. You can buy that big stuffed animal for yourself… which is probably why your single in the first place.

12.You will save money. Valentine's Day dinners are easily $60 a person and you can only order weird food options like tripe and cow tongue with side of sprouts. Plus, an added bonus you don't have to worry about are making dinner plans.

11. 50 shades of Grey is coming out. You can go watch it and no one can tell you otherwise. Seeing it with your friends is not pathetic, its easier than dragging a boyfriend to it. 

10. You can send all the snapchats you want and no one will tell you to put your phone down.

9. Everyone at the bar is probably single.

8. You can ignore the holiday all together.

7.Order yourself your own all male a cappella group (shirtless) to serenade your sorrows away or a mariachi band, what ever turns your crank.

6. St. Valentine was single, so technically you’re keeping the tradition strong.

5. If you head to wal-mart like at 7:00 p.m. the candy will already be reduced in price. 

4. Botox parties usually have a discount for singles on Valentines Day

3. Your phone won't die because all your friends probably have loved ones and they'll be with them instead of texting you. (is this one too harsh? Your single, you can take it)

2. I think Law and Order SVU is having a marathon on Valentines day if you want to get all the sappy love crap out of your face.

1. Your blanket, or your dog, can be your valentine. Along with that giant stuffed animal.

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