Things I Would Rather Do Than Write My Essay

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

​'Twas the night before finals and all through the school, 
all the students were sleeping, in a puddle of drool. 
All of the scantrons were missing, but they didn't care
Because no matter what, their grade wouldn't be fair.
With the clock striking 2:45 am and me re-reading the same paragraph for the 6th time, it is safe to say I am not feeling finals.  So instead, I'll make a list of everything I would rather be doing than studying for finals.

1. Watch tutorials on how to fold clothes.

2. Knit my ugly christmas sweater

3. Read Cosmopolitan to my grandma

4. Burn my tongue on hot coffee... about 15 times

5.  Tattoo "Its Lit" on my forehead

It's almost like a pun since thats where all my great ideas come from. 

6. Read my entire math textbook 

At least ill get some studying done... oh wait I'm not even taking math

7. Actually read iTunes terms and conditions

Is this even English?

8. Color code, alphabetize, and item sort my closet

9. Watch a a croquet competition

10. Make up a dance routine to Gold Digger by Kanye and perform it at a wedding

11. Try out a career in BMX

12. Find every match in my sock drawer

Talk about being productive

13.  Get that root canal I've been putting off worked on

14. Empty my savings account on toothpicks

15. Hit my pinky toe on every door I see

You have to know I'm serious now​

16. Watch a Youtube video that wont stop buffering

17. Reorganize an Old Navy rack on Black Friday

Thats what the tutorials were for

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