20 Obvious Signs You’re A Tri Sigma

Sunday, February 22, 2015

I was never super keen on joining a sorority in my beginning phase of college. I went to an introductory presentation on it and completely got a bad impression of what it actually was. They only touched on cultural sororities instead of social sororities so I got the wrong idea of what Greek life encompassed. I didn’t go through formal recruitment and continues on with my college career. Come Spring semester I was approached by a girl who was actively recruiting for Sigma Sigma Sigma. Instead of shopping around other spring recruiting sororities I looked no further than what was right in front of me. Five years later I am still extremely blessed to have been stopped on that paved pathway because without Tri Sigma, I would not have met some of the most amazing women in my life, been provided a plethora of learning opportunities, and developed characteristics that make me a better woman. So here is a little ode to Sigma Sigma Sigma on how you know you’re a Die-Hard Sigma.

1. We appreciate the nautical theme a little bit more now.
2. For big/little reveal there was probably some version of a home décor sailboat in your basket.
3. We all appreciate the fact we can make a sailboat with our hands.
4. We can make Sigmas as well, with a little help from another sister.
5. When someone says “Tri Sig” we all cringe a little inside.
6. Children make an even more significant impact on our life now because of our philanthropy.  
7. We are not EEE.
8. We get in the habit of saying “women” or "woman” not "girl(s)."
9. The date 4/20 has a different meaning to us.
10. Purple has probably become one of our favorite colors. 
11. We are always hoping to make an appearance in "The Triangle.”
12. We get so excited because we are a sister to Carrie Underwood.
13. We know what Sigma, Sigma, Sigma literally means.
14. We have many white dresses, but only one set of white shoes.
15. Our motto makes us feel pretty bad-ass in sorority land.
16. Standards are not something we are sent too.
17. We feel a little bit more "strat" knowing Tri Sigma's jewel is a pearl.
18. We do things in threes.
19. We still use Barbie Dolls.
20. We sign all of our emails off with "Ever Forward”

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