His and Hers Valentines Gift Guide

Monday, February 9, 2015

Valentines day is here again. Maybe you've spent the last 18 years eating the half off chocolate on the 15th  and this is your first shot at love or you've spent every year with the love of your life celebrating the fire you have for one another, there is always the struggle of what to gift to your significant other! Is chocolate and flowers too cliche? What about those giant stuffed bears? Fine jewelry accompanied by fine dining? Valentines day is a Hallmark made up holiday that allows you to appreciate the loved ones in your life. I'm not complaining, if I have to give a little to get a little I'm totally cool with that.

Anyways, back to the real problem at hand. Here are some more specific gift ideas that Cosmo and online articles fail to mention in their "10 things to buy your loved one" articles. Those are always so brief and vague. "Jewelry" -_- Okay, well how much do I spend? Do I get my man jewelry or is it only for ladies? Where do I go? etc, etc, etc.

Not to Fear I'm here to help.

For him: Guys don't do that shiny, crystal-ly, pink and red jewelry women go for. Try to do a leather bracelet or something more scruffy. Silver bands are cool too if he's into it, you really have to know your valentine to know though.

For her:
The diamonds and gems are out done and out dated. Save Swarovski for Santa and get her an Alex and Ani bracelet. They're cute, custom, and totally meaningful.

2. Chocolate
For Him: Is he an Alcohol guy? Buy hime some liquor chocolates. You can get practically any flavor. Pick his favorite and wrap it in a chocolate.
For Her: Marble chocolates will be the way to their heart. They always say a women is like a box of chocolates an you never know what you're going to get. Try these Norman Love Confections and you definitely wont.

For Him: A single rose. If you want to be super cute you could even do white, but red is definitely sign of "Valentine" too. Don't get him a bouquet. He doesn't get all googly eyed like girls do.
For Her: A Bouquet. Roses are great but get creative and do like a special bouquet. They can get price so if tats the case just stick with something from a local florist shop. Try to avoid all grocery stores if you're giving flowers as your only gift. And hide the receipt.

4. Underwear (can be a "sexy gift" but can also be a "you need this" gift they'll never know
For Him: Splurge a little and get him the Calvin Klein set of boxers or brief. I've heard the cotton is pretty soft.
For Her: I suggest a gift card to Victoria's secret unless you 100% know her size and style.

5. Baskets
For Him: A BroBasket. Its exactly what you think it is. A basket full of bro items. Redbull, beer, shot glasses, mini alcohol bottles, movie tickets, a package of bacon, a key chain, spray paint? ,idk you know your boo better than I do. You can make your own or buy one.
For Her: Luxury it up. I'm talkin bath melts and bath bombs from LUSH, bath and body works, do the most with this. Give her the gift of relaxation. A spa day (mani and pedi at the very minimum, but a massage is an added bonus.)

6. A Card (On a budget? These things always get over looked)
For Him: Get hime a sarcastic card
For Her:Get her a sarcastic card
Ain't nobody got time for that sappy crap, unless you actually have time you can always add like some sort of coupon book or something. They're pretty easy to make.

7. An Item and An Activity
For Him: So he's a gamer, fetch him a cool pair of light up headphones, and attach a coupon for allowing 1 hour of gaming together (if he wants to teach you) or 12 hours of gaming peace, etc. Or maybe a laser tag/nerf ball set.
For Her: A gift card to her favorite store and that you will be sure to give your true and honest opinion on every piece of clothing she tries on. Or if she's into running, get her those NIKEid shoes she been looking at and go running with her when she first uses them!

8. Personalize it
For Him:  A keychain. Nothing to big or heavy just like a silver canvas that has your name and date engraved on it or something, you could even do a plain locket type and put a picture of you two in it. ACTUALLY PUT THE PHOTO IN IT THOUGH.
(one time I gave my boyfriend a watch and left the standard photo in there and I still get crap to this day about it)
For Her: Theres a couple ways you could go about this.
1.) If you live together, get a plaque or some cute quote that has both of your names on it. We love interior decorating. MAKE SURE THE COLORS MATCH THE HOUSE
2.) A plain bangle with an important quote, your names, date, etc engraved on it. Things Remembered is a good start but I would try Etsy.
3.) Along with the plaque thing, you could get a pillow or a blanket. Personally I think you should give her a blanket with your face on it, just because no one would ever be able to top that.

Something to keep in mind while buying this Valentines day gift: You have to top every previous ex's gift they've ever received. Happy Hunting, friends!

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