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Monday, February 16, 2015

So spring is coming, maybe, whatever, eventually it'll show up. In that time I've Seen huge rack change in all my favorite clothing retail stores. Repeat spring patterns are popping up again, like Floral patterns, pastels and FLOWY tops.

FLOWY tops can fit into a plethora of categories. Wide shirts, crop tops, flow sleeves, pregnancy tops, ponchos all fit into this little "flow" vibe. 

To me, these FLOWY shirts are one size fits all or one size makes me look huge. 

Personally, I only have one opinion about these tops and that is "I DONT LIKE THEM"

*end post*

No I'm kidding but I don't care for them. They don't flatter anyone's body unless your a size zero but isn't "thin in" why would you hide that then? Fashion is confusing. 

Take this too for example. That looks more like a hassle than a statement. I know she's capturing the bohemian look but like who wants that much fabric hanging from their shoulders? PLUS, look at how freaking tiny the sleeves are ?! This shirt was built for a 3X but instead those women can't wear it as a regular top because the sleeves were made for tooth picks. Good job fashion.

This girl has an hour glass figure. FLOWY tops work okay with busty women but if you've got hips, flaunt it. These tops force you to hide it. It makes her look wide all around just because she has broader shoulders doesn't mean the rest of the top should flow with the shoulders and take away her tinier waist line. 

Even her face says "Why am I wearing this, this does nothing for me."

Are you trying to be a ghost? Or cast a spell? All these sleeves are doing for anyone is creating special effects when you talk with your hands. 

I know this post is about FLOWY tops but I had to include FLOWY pants just because I think they're ridiculous. Half of the time these "FLOWY" ants are too tight for the average thick thigh person and they on,y flow in the calf area (bellow bell bottom era.) 

And incase you thought those weren't enough we have crop tops that are FLOWY and wide. I'm not sure if they were made for bigger/bustier women and then small girls just started wearing them? Are they meant to be worn with high waisted pants? Does the excess fabric tickle your arms? HELP ME TO UNDERSTAND

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