11 Things You Should Do Today

Sunday, March 1, 2015

SURPRISE! You have a whole day to yourself! Well, maybe you don't and you're just trying to avoid doing actual work or things of importance, but regardless you have some free time on your hands. Are you asking yourself what you can do today to make your day feel a teeny bit more productive? I know I constantly look up the phrase "What to do today" in the google search box and I don't really get a lot of help from all the other sources out there.

Have no fear, I am here to help with this problem. I came up with this post because I was supposed to be doing my finance homework but instead I wound up figuring out 11 other ways I could fill my time up with.  You'll see where I'm going with this in a minute.

11 Things You Should Do Today

1. Write a blogpost
(Obviously, that is what I participated in today.) Send it my way and I'll post it! I love guest bloggers because it gives me the day off, even though I already do that anyways haha (insert smiley happy sweating emoji)

2. Take a selfie.
In fact, perfect the art of your selfie. Find some decent lighting and take forever to decide on a filter; caption it #WastingTime.

3. Shave off all those annoying fuzz things that attach to your sweater when you wash and dry it.
*LIFE HACK ALERT* Take a razor and scrape them off your sweaters. This task could take as little or as much time as you want.

4. Browse through Netflix
If you're reading this, you've probably already done that. Do it again, but this time go through the "if you like this, you'll like these" options. 
Notice how I said browse through Netflix and not "watch Netflix." The browsing part itself could take up to the length of any episode you stumble upon anyways. 

5. "Fleek" your eyebrows
I always see Vines about eyebrows being on "fleek." Is fleek a verb? Is it like tweezing? What if you have them threaded or waxed... will they still be considered "fleek?"

6. Find out what "fleek" actually means
I want the origin of the word, how you pronounce it, what type of word it is, and use it in a sentence that is not already posted on Vine. Thanks!

7. Sleep.
When life gets too overwhelming and all we do is dwell on what needs to be done or should be done, just take a nap. Your problems temporarily fade away. When life literally has nothing to offer you for the day, this works in your favor as well.

8. Hold a plank position for one minute
Give up or go for two minutes. Those are, really, your only options.

9. Vacuum your room. 
Yes, that would mean you would have to clean your room to get to the floor. See where I'm going with this? More time filled up.
Clean your sheets while your at it.

10. Floss.
Society thanks you and so does your dentist.

11. Check your credit score. 
Credit Karma is my go to for this. It's always good just to check in with yourself every once in a while. Don't do this too often as it could hurt your score.

If all of those fail, or you end up completing all of them...
go HERE. This will tell you what to do with your time. 

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