22 Thoughts That Run Through Every Girl's Mind While in Victoria's Secret

Tuesday, March 17, 2015

1. Oh, that has sparkles! I really like that. 

2. That has lace though, so I guess I have to get both.

3. Well, I need the matching underwear then.

4. Hmm, in the bikini style I'm a medium, but the thongs sometimes a small works.

5. Ugh, that girl is perfect. I'm sure her butt looks great in these.

6. Crap, she saw me staring at her, she's totally judging. Moving on.

7. Let's go try these on.

8. HA, why did I ever think I was a small. Nope.

9. OMG, I hate being a girl.

10. Where is this supposed to go?

11. That doesn't even look comfortable.

12. This is flowy so it will cover the unwanted curves... right?

13. Who am I kidding lingerie isn't supposed to cover anything

14. Why am I looking at this, it's not like I have anyone to wear it for.

15. This stuff all looks the same.

16. Didn't I just pick this up?

17. $64? I'll pass

18. No one even sees it anyways.

19. I'm broke why am I even in this store.

20.  Ugh there's that girl again.

21. Well, at least I get to carry around this cute pink bag.

22. You're getting paid tomorrow and your rent isn't due until Tuesday, your fine, just do it. 

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