Coffee Break: PublicUs

Monday, March 23, 2015

Today I had the pleasure of going to a new cafe in the Las Vegas area. My boyfriends uncle opened up a new little bistro on Fremont Street called PublicUs. Publicus is latin for "of the people," which is exactly what this cafe is; for the community. When you walk in you'll see an open kitchen with no closed off walls so you can see exactly what is going on, low counter tops to not disrupt the view, and communal seating. The space is very open and gives off a very "neighborhood community gathering" vibe. The idea is to be able to talk to anyone and not sit alone on your lunch break.

As you can see, there are no signs. No signs indicating where the bathroom is, the menu, etc. The only sign I saw was the title of the cafe on the front window. The manager explained that this was because people get too caught up in the signs and don't know what they're actually ordering sometimes. At PublicUs, the food is displayed right before your eyes with delicate deserts and eye catching lunch items.  Their menus are pieces of paper with the items listed. You can take it with you to show a friend, sit down with it, or simply leave it at the counter. 

Can we talk about this decor though! This place is so modern for such a downbeat part of town. I've heard rumors of downtown and renovations taking place. If these new additions are anything like PublicUs, we're in for a real treat. This location has an edgy, modern, yet completely sustainable feel to it. With the long tables and communal settings, you cant help but be intrigued by the person next to you. The kitchen has all stainless steel equipment where as the restaurant area is a little more woods meets industrial. There are steel tables and then there are tables made of wood with trees coming out of them! Talk about a center piece. 

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