Dating Tips I Learned From Chris Soules, The Bachelor

Monday, March 9, 2015

Chris Soules continues to swoon women all over the nation with his single self. Not for long as the finale appears tonight. Let's take a look at some of the tips he gave out, unintentionally or intentionally, over the course of the season.  

Continue to be shocked by how professional your date is in her profession 

He always seemed completely amazed by how well they do their job. Chris Soules always seems to be so impressed with how well his bachelorette does her job " She knows what she's doing." They were hired for a reason; typically it's because they're good at what they do. Just be re-surprised by everything she does surrounding her profession.

Apparently the crazies should have two chances

Take Ashley S. for example. This girl had a first impression that left me cringing. She talked to cats, declared there was an onion in the bush, and somewhere along the lines discovered a pomegranate. Jordan Branch was a drunken hot mess on the first night, but Chris Soules apparently thought they had something special in them to invite them back for a second impression. They didn't last, but it was entertaining in the process. Next time you date a crazy one, keep her around, she might have something interesting to offer later on, like a Mesa Verde trip or a private twerk session.

If two girls tell you that the other one is fake, leave both of them

Ashley and Kelsi both got themselves bit in the butt after they confronted Chris about each other's false attitudes in the house. His answer, "BYE!"

Look scared or concerned when a girl tells you she's a virgin

It will make the girl crazy and contemplate you every movement at that moment. If she doesn't come back for you, she will come back for your reaction.

Relate your love to farming

Just throw out as many farming jokes as possible, and you'll have them laughing. " Painting the seed of love," "You just made me as red as the beets I'm growing," "let's go get lost in my corn field." These are all lines we've heard our farming friend say and obviously, it worked if he had thirty women throwing himself at him because apparently love is a lot like farming.

There is no such thing as personal space

On the first date, apparently, it's okay to get as touchy feely as you want.  Britt locked in the 10-second hug after locking eyes on Mr. Soules and received the first impression rose.

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