DECODED: Phrases Sorority Girls Use (Way Too Much)

Tuesday, March 10, 2015

SORORITY TALK UNLEASHED. Let's face it, sorority members basically have their own languages. What is even better is these phrases are universal between all sororities. Talk about Greek unity. With these decoded words you can keep up with all the basic sorority girls and their "girl talk."

"Dead."- I'm not actually dead, and no one is really dying. This means the situation is so ridiculous I could die thinking about it. This could be said after someone has said something so impossibly hilarious. Usually, this is in response to a sarcastic remark.

Sentence: He probably bought so much water to quench her thirst! -"Dead! (insert crying happy emoji)"

"The want is so real."- You've never wanted something so bad in your entire life. The word "want" can often be replaced with need, thirst, or basically anything.

Sentence: "The want for a venti iced latte is so real right now."

"Literally, I can't."- WOW. Nope. No. Cannot deal with this anymore! Bye! - Usually followed by a "WHAT?!"

Sentence: Literally, I cant.

"It's/She's/He's/They're/That's/We're a thing."- Basically whatever situation were talking about is going to happen; it WILL happen. We are very serious about getting this task done. This could refer to a person, place or thing.

Sentence: We've been hanging out for the past three hours, so, I guess you could say we're a thing.

"Starbs"-The shortened version of the word Starbucks to make yourself sound more strat, or basic.

Sentence: Brb, I'm gonna go meet my little at Starbs.

"Wut Is Life"- When you are literally, astonished by how amazing or incredibly stupid something is. Yes, it can go both ways.

Sentence: I'm in bed by 9:00, wut is life.

"Perf"- Another shortened term.  Adopted from the word "perfect." Also another word for confirming a task. (Not sure what it is with sorority women and abbreviating words.)

Sentence: "I'll be there in a minute." -"Perf. I'm in line at Starbucks."

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