Thoughts Typically Had in the Middle of a Road Trip

Saturday, March 14, 2015

Ahh, there's something so peaceful about the open road. It gives anyone the opportunity to clear their head, diagnose a situation, or just talk to yourself. I'm a person who has conversation after conversation with herself until the cows come home (or I see them on the side of the road). If your like me these might be come of the common thoughts that you have on a road trip.

Yes! On my way! 
(I've been waiting for this all week!)

Oh, look, a New Jersey license plate!
(Why are they all the way over here? I did't even know people owned cars in New Jersey.)

What would I put on a customized license plate? 
Probably something along the lines of my blog, "CUPOFJ" "CUPOFJO" or "STARBS"/"BASIC"

How do you not know the rules of the road? 
(Slower traffic keep left, please.)

Yikes, am I really going that fast?
(Good thing there wasn't a cop around)

Crap, I forgot my running shoes.
(I told myself to pack them too!)

I need to pee so bad!
(If I don't find a gas station in the next 5 minutes I'm popping a squat! - Don't test me Mother Nature)
Wow, this semi-truck is making  me really nervous 
(Hi, I'm here! Please stay in your lane!)

Are we there yet?
(Oh there's that green sign, 11 miles until the next city and then three hours after that)

Look at the stars! Wow isn't life amazing?! -followed by a deep intellectual conversation with myself about the meaning of life. 
Coming from a city like Las Vegas, we appreciate that little bit of natural light.

Can we change the song?
(This is like the 7th Taylor swift song we've listened too)

I'm running low on snacks
(Did I already eat them all or did I not pack as many as I thought?)

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