21 Facts and a Self-Portrait

Monday, April 27, 2015

I saw this prompt the other day and it was "Draw a self portrait and say 5 facts about yourself." I thought to myself “Oh, that’s different!” I don't really draw, well I NEVER draw. I used to be in interior design as a freshman and I gave up on my drawing career when I never really felt satisfied with my work. That's another story for another time.  So I gave the portrait a shot. Literally, like if I had a gun I would take a shot at it because it was so bad. I skipped that part of the prompt. Instead I drew this...

The moon and the sun are what make up our souls, as they are part of the natural elements beyond our world. The dream catcher is a reminder to always catch my dreams. I'm a little bit of a cliché but to me, that is my self-portrait.

 "Live by the Sun, Love by the Moon" 

1. I don't care for flavored potato chips; classic, regular, and original only.
2. I like guitar string bracelets.
3. R2D2 is my "geeky" obsession
4. I don't like it when people look over my shoulder while I'm writing.
5. I only buy clothes that are on sale.
6. Team iPhone
7. I write about gel nails but I've never actually had gels before
8. I write with 0.05 pencils only.
9. I was a dancer my whole adolescent life.
10. I was the first-born child in my family. As in, I am the oldest cousin, granddaughter, niece, sister, etc.
11. I used to be an interior design major but then I switched to Meetings and Events.
12. I want to go skydiving but I probably never will.
13. I have a 3.7 GPA and I'm really proud of that.
14. I do not like any outdoor activities, because I do not like bugs that fly or buzz.
15. I'm a morning person
16. I've never had a broken bone *Knock on wood*
17. I was a princess every Halloween when I was a child, except in the 7th grade I branched out and became "Spider Queen."
18. I eat so much Mexican food I'm waiting for my body to start producing Mexican DNA.
19. One glass of alcohol will put me to sleep
20. I've never had a traffic ticket *again knock on wood*
21. I color code my notes.

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